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  2. Email/WhatsApp/text messages, then Facebook (only one particular page), then Forums.
  3. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/05/14/buriram-authorities-order-harsh-legal-penalties-against-high-risk-covid-19-individuals-who-refuse-vaccines/ The Buriram Communicable Disease Committee today, May 14th, ordered a major new restriction, stating that those who are in a high-risk group for Covid-19 infections and refuse to receive Covid-19 vaccinations will be facing strict legal charges with a hefty fine and possible prison time.
  4. For me, Lizzy is the outstanding female rock singer currently out there now.
  5. Usually messages via text or Messenger. Then a quick scan of Facebook posts and emails.
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  7. Medina Spirit passes drug tests, cleared to run in Preakness Medina Spirit has passed three rounds of prerace drug testing and been cleared to run in the Preakness on Saturday. Maryland racing officials said Friday tests on the Kentucky Derby winner and fellow Bob Baffert-trained Concert Tour came back with nothing that would cause them to be scratched from the second leg of the Triple Crown. Baffert's camp agreed to rigorous testing and monitoring of his horses as a condition of entry to the Preakness. Medina Spirit tested positive for the steroid betamethasone in post-Derby te
  8. Saw that too on PT. From his website Jan, 2020. The past few years have been extremely challenging for me. Due to diabetes (inherited from my dear mother), I had to have three toes amputated from my left foot. In fact, I was lucky not to lose my left leg, according to the Diabetes Specialists at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok. Looking at the positive side, these Thai doctors saved my leg.https://www.davetheravebangkok.com/2020/01/14/soaring-like-an-eagle/
  9. Usually BBC news and sports news. Then between email, forums and Amazon/Netflix/catch up TV.
  10. Good news. At a minimum I would expect dine in at restaurants will once again be allowed.
  11. It looks like the electric company thinks their mess from tree trimming on Tuesday is someone else's mess to clean up. A cheap shelter for shops on the corner of Soi Love Inn and Arunotai is done. What I thought was going to be a new market near Nirun now looks like a new open air restaurant. Think they're also building a garden greenhouse, which isn't a bad idea for supplying fresh vegetables for the restaurant. The building on 3rd Rd near Klang is now sporting a decorative top. Construction progress at the Sea Side site, which is a bit of a misnomer since
  12. Now you've too far. I wasn't going to mention your offer to join your break away super-league if I took it easy but enough, is enough😠
  13. Bank, but more specifically Investment Portfolio/Finance News.
  14. Apparently he had serious issues with Diabetes, having already lost 3 toes. Posted on another forum. Probably more likely the problem than AZ
  15. What is the first website (or App) you usually view each day? NEWS? SOCIAL MEDIA? WEATHER? SPORT? FACEBOOK? INSTAGRAM FORUM? WORK? BANK? YOUTUBE?
  16. Frozen pizza and cinnamon buns......the anti-KETO
  17. Australia had a repatriation flight scheduled to bring 150 people back to Australia from India. 40 people were bumped because of positive Covid tests. 30 people were bumped because they were close contacts of positive tests. You were saying...
  18. I am sorry but your figures and assumptions appear alarmist in the extreme. You are assuming that for every 10,000 tourists that arrive 5000 to 6000 of them will have previously been infected with Covid to still be contagious. You cannot pass onto others Covid unless you have caught it yourself. You are therefore assuming a general population infection rate of up to 60% and not less than 50%. Imagine India having an infection rate of 50%.
  19. Local police doing important public safety work removing illegal guns from the street.
  20. I found an Eric Clapton cassette tape in a free library box last week. It's playing on the cassette deck in my old '94 Merc.
  21. We just wore those albums out, me and my buddies. When Skynyrd came on it seemed as if everyone kind of just became consumed by the music, not really saying much just taking it in. Those few years.... early 70's was really something, looking back. I feel very fortunate to have been at the age I was with the music and the scene that was happening then. How things have changed since those days. How lucky we were.
  22. 45 years ago I saw these guys at "Winterland" In San Francisco right? The next year they were gone in a plane crash, most of them anyway. Geez..with all the shit going on in the world, most of these lyrics hit home for alot of us. I guess I am getting old and nostalgic LOL!
  23. Every day, sometimes twice. One of life's greatest pleasures. Pure relaxation and a tremendous therapeutic benefit. Haven't found anything that comes close for muscular/body aches, or stress relief.
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