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  2. I was in my local pub last night discussing this very subject with a couple of " retired" ex-Hibs Casuals. We all generally agreed it was bollocks but I made the mistake of bringing up the various gender differentials in Thailand. It was all downhill after my explanation of "Toms".
  3. First morning in Turkey. Not a bad wee view to waken up with ...
  4. I am not 100% sure but my understanding is that hotel quarantine is only required following entry to UK from a country on the red list, which Thailand no longer is. My understanding is that Noi would be required to do 10 days self isolation at home. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-quarantine-when-you-arrive-in-england
  5. Bangkok Pattaya said October for Moderna now pushed back to November? Friends told me about registering for Phizer in Rayong so I booked and got my 2nd jab about 10 days ago. Due to a stroke I need a medically accompanied flight home on a scheduled flight but can't stay with my brother as there are too many stairs in his house. Also Noi got the Chinese vaccine and Dear Boris doesn't recognise it so she would have to isolate in a ludicrously expensive hotel for 10 days. Not sure whether I can isolate with her at no extra cost - apart from food and drink! I suspect not somehow. Yet covid numbers are coming down in Thailand while they are going through the roof in the UK!I don't know who to believe more - the Thai government or Boris. Probably not much in it? My return home is likely to be 2024 or 2025 at the earliest as when Noi applies for indefinite leave to remain, she will be 65 and exempt from all the tests. This assumes the NHS is providing a decent service by then! Alan
  6. And Shhhhh don't tell Klopp about Egyptian human rights issues ....
  7. I get an Aldi turducken every Xmas and it is liked by all.
  8. Y'know I was thinking about this on my walk this morning after I saw an old tyre left on the grass somewhere. If people are worried about the Saudi's human rights record why aren't they questioning employing African players from countries that still use "necklacing" as punishment. I have witnessed the beginning, middle and the aftermath of a few whilst working in Africa. They catch the thief/rapist/ and beat him, break all his limbs whilst still keeping him conscious then they put him on some dry kindling and put a tyre around his neck and set fire to him whilst he is still alive and conscious. It takes all night for him to slowly burn to death with howling all night. In the morning the stiff distorted scarecrow of a meatless body with a death grin is left there as a warning to "don't f**k with us"! So everybody, think of your teams past and present, and think to yourselves what each African player's family might have done before you criticize the Saudi takeover of Newcastle.
  9. This bank was always busy, at least every time I went in...And the ATM in front was very popular...
  10. Golfingboy


    Damn, the best players are avoiding the ZOZO in Japan like the plague…..or is it COVID? 78 player field, 11 of the top 50 only. When my 🇨🇦 Roger Sloan gets into a limited field event…….you know there is an issue with attracting talent Morikawa or Hideki for the win, I hope
  11. Old school sure...but this is not your daddy world anymore... "Shes are hes" and "theys are thems" etc. Honestly, I could give a rat's tail but this is a forum and we like to discuss things...so just for discussion's sake... . . . The More Inclusive Way To Say ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2019/12/the-more-inclusive-way-to-say-ladies-and-gentlemen/ “Ladies and gentlemen” is a common way to address a group of people, particularly in a formal, public setting. Long seen as a standard and polite—if not old-fashioned—way to address a group, its day has come and gone. Not everyone identifies as either a lady or a gentleman, and luckily, there’s an easy fix for addressing a crowd that is inclusive of all: “Welcome, everyone.” . . .
  12. Last night here and no coke left.
  13. "Ladies and gentlemen" is an expression of courtesy. Has been that way for customers partaking in the hospitality industry for generations, especially when being welcomed aboard a flight. Nothing whatsoever "sexist" in nature about it. Just a further example of the corporate woke culture hoping to not be a future target of the perpetually offended class. Wonder if Emirates or Qatar will follow suit?
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  15. It seems this K bank is called it quits the big one on Soi Boukow next to the Tesco extra I would have thought this location did some business maybe it's a lease issue who knows
  16. He is a judge, in Florida. He has a list, with the names of his victims and targets, all unsuspecting people unlucky enough to have crossed his path and wronged him in some way. How can Lacy pursue him, without becoming the next name on his list? The Judge’s List is by any measure John Grisham’s most surprising, chilling novel yet.
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