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  2. I had the same problem with KTB after I went back to the UK. However, I could still access my Thai account by logging in online where I do not need a OTC unlike when using my phone. On the other hand I cannot make transfers from the account as that does generate a OTC to my old Thai telephone number and it will not recognize my new UK number in the settings.
  3. When it gets to 40b=$1 it's time to buy some for a future trip... Thai baht goes from top-performing to worst-hit currency in Asia https://thethaiger.com/news/national/thai-baht-goes-from-top-performing-to-worst-hit-currency-in-asia?fbclid=IwAR07jHvZc6JWVAQMRy9bVECR2ckHM2v5yM6qC2TzT7xHC7RorMPjcpzQL9A
  4. Yup! Most Pattaya farang are potty enough without training !!!
  5. Another final second loss in Taekwondo ...
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  7. Always happens for me when I'm quoting from a previous page. Just got used to it now and go to the final page to confirm it's posted. If it hasn't then no neeed to type it all again as it'll be in the editor memory buffer.
  8. I hate selfies, so that would be a no. Edited to add: He has a sister.
  9. Whilst I know very little about motor cycles I saw these two on the streets this morning; both look decent models.
  10. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Striderman this morning. One of the topics of conversation was that after a whilse one has seen just about everything and nothing is new. Whilst I know there has been reference to this development in other posts on the forum, this was the first time I had visited.
  11. Covid cases are raising but Thai baht staying steady
  12. The biggest disaster, natural or not, to hit Thailand in a century, lol!
  13. Duplicate post. I've no idea why that happens, the board refuses to show that the post has been aded after I press submit, so I press it again and again, and eventually find that I've posted the same thing 5 or 6 times.
  14. g That's more or less my understanding of how things are working (or not) at the moment. She's not keen on going back to Phetchabun as it's her mother's house and they don’t get along these days, in fact I'm not even sure she'd be welcome there, or allowed to get a copy of her name in the house book, things might have become that acrimonious. Her father moved out to live with his mia noi a long time ago, so I’m pretty sure the fault is with the batty old mother, not the GF. I guess that once they run out of people with names in house books then they’ll get on to the significant
  15. The market and outdoor stalls are in full swing and it is approaching a Thai lottery day. Not free food so someone must be getting it right.
  16. Yes, my K account was opened at a branch in south pattaya road 18+ years ago but all my interaction (new pass book etc) for the last 10 years has been at the Big C Extra branch. Never had a problem with that.
  17. Here's hoping that all your players are as skillful as the buffalo in your avatar !
  18. JL was referring to posts in the topic he just moved to General Topics. That's the topic you previously couldn't see because it was in VIP.
  19. and i really need to see a doc/dentist but with the current Covid situation i don't want to go anywhere near a hospital.
  20. Golfingboy


    Another nice track from last week, about £12 to play and I called it a day after 15 holes, was tired, it was dark and the parking lot was close
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