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  1. I was chatting to my wife about all this and her feelings about living here in the UK or living in Thailand. She said there's a few things she misses like she would love to see a street food cart and the odd tin cup here and there but that's about it. She cant believe the support we had over the birth of my son and my treatment, she really finds it hard to believe on how the NHS works and other things in the UK we all don't see in our day to day life. She has also made a small group of Thai friends and a small group of foreigners of which she is really happy with and her life he
  2. Trying to sleep early but give up in the end....
  3. Lamb shank, I started to eat veg and mash potatoes then i took the shot... For afters; apple crumble and ice cream
  4. Any day mate .. What is it with bacon and bread rolls.. it does it every time....
  5. Tried it with safari, Opera, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If anything Microsoft Edge hangs a little bit...
  6. Seams to be working fine from here..
  7. We have no chance up here in Leeds mate. Bookings only and a sh*t load of rules to follow too.
  8. Yes mate i'd rent for now, i've seen a few hitting the hight teens and now they are only getting 8 to 10 thousand baht per months Some great deals if you look around.
  9. Now we have the covid 19 all in question on how to handle it with restrictions putting in place making it hard for farangs to even visit Thailand. Then its clear to see that with everything in place that the amount of farangs is probably the lowest its been in years. They also say the money that comes in from fanangs and holiday and retirement and it means nothing to the country and its not really needed. Then you see Falang companies feeding Thai families and doing what the government should be doing.... if the tourism and expats means so very little to them why is the ars
  10. My little one asking for his hat to go into the garden
  11. listening to her indoors going on and on about visas and immigration......
  12. Looks great do we get to see the end product..? 👍
  13. Just read this on Pattaya one news and I guess there's a lot of truth in this.... Update: The REAL reason Pattaya keeps flooding The real reason Pattaya continually floods is so simple to understand, and easy to x, that it is surprising nobody on the City’s authority hasn’t already tackled it. In Pattaya, there are thousands of street food vendors offering anything from noodle soups to meat pies circulating the city almost 24hours a day. There are food markets all over town offering both cooked and uncooked products every afternoon and evening. And, at the end of each sh
  14. My guess would be many at happy hour use local branded drinks to re-place the original branded ones without any notice. A common practice in Spain on all inclusive holidays. For an example:- I'd ask for a Smirnoff and coke but then expect to pay more then the shown happy hour deal. I'd ask for a local vodka and coke but then expect to pay the price shown on the happy hour deal board. I have sean many get mixed up with both of the above and to me its simple.
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