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  1. First morning in Turkey. Not a bad wee view to waken up with ...
  2. Nowhere as exotic as that, i work in the Public Sector ffs!
  3. Was reading earlier there is to be clarity about the new 'requirements' this week.
  4. Once we get through this winter there will be a far greater sense of normality in Europe and everywhere there has been a good vaccine roll out.
  5. Germany to end their pandemic state of emergency next month. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/germanys-pandemic-state-emergency-end-nov-25-bild-2021-10-18/
  6. Superb final. Absolutely delighted for Mark.
  7. I identify as a black, female wheelie bin, and anyone who says different is a racist, misogynist.
  8. First i've seen it. While no fan of our Mayor, i think you're reading too much into that tweet.
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