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  1. Sounds great, and a lot cheaper than LSD. Just give me plenty of notice before Operation Pogo starts, I can dig out my old Dead Kennedy's Holiday in Cambodia t-shirt, and I'm good to go, bring on the extermination, Biblical bro!
  2. We must've just missed all that, just a little drizzle here in Southend. Good job we're staying a few days, a bit of rush hour disruption tomorrow methinks!
  3. Yep, for those who only had a tenuous grasp of reality at the best of times, Covid has just pushed them over the edge completely. They're so far down the rabbit hole, they're never coming back. That twitter feed has some of the most deranged and deluded shite you would see, well, probably not true, probably quite tame TBH. But yea, you've probably started the latest QANON ... Meanwhile, in the real world, UK posted lower infection numbers 5th day in a row ...
  4. Just had a quick glance at where Mr Forest gets his info from, his 'sources' that he follows, just to try and find out what's going on in his world. So, after clicking on the twitter feed he posted, Sulley Truman, i am now aware that according to Sulley what's going on is all the work of the Freemason Illuminati There's going to be a one world religion announced in 2022, Christians, Muslims and everyone else will then follow the new one world religion - Satan There's Plans afoot for the extermination of millions of American's, the Plan called Operation Pogo, and what's coming i
  5. Enjoying watching the boxing with a full house there of fans.
  6. Know the thread is for farangs, but wife's parents got theirs a couple of days ago. They live just outside Ayutthaya. The general procurement and roll out must at least be gathering a bit of pace ...
  7. I always like athletics, was a good cross country runner when i was younger. Though enjoy all athletics, BBC2 usually do decent coverage. Gymnastics as well, you need to be super strong and fit for the rings.
  8. Modern day con men, fleecing the gullible, and those with such low self esteem they need to feel a part of something, accepted. Need to feel that they know something most others don't, misfits, odd balls. Covid has been such a money spinner for these characters like Mercola. In a way i admire them, the way they cultivate their sheep and spread the fear in them, and get the cash rolling in. But they're dangerous fuckers as well, it's when children get impacted by their anti vacc garbage that the gullible parents suck in. I'd jail the cunts TBH.
  9. Another day, another spanking! As Baz would say, don't feed the troll! I don't know anyone who's said the way the UK has handled Covid has been anything even near good. Personally i think it's been shambolic at times, as i've posted on this thread many, many times, indeed only 2 or 3 days ago. What has been good, has been the vaccine roll out. In fact, more than good. Wee Bobby's just still upset with the spanking he got yesterday, and judging from above, he's getting another spanking today, despite now running about flipflopping and moving the goal posts like a wh
  10. Yes, was thinking about Italy in them days when i read it.
  11. Wife's birthday, so went down to a nice Thai place by the river, where she knows a lot of the staff. We didn't use the uber water taxi or Thames rocket boats. I had tamarind duck, Wife had soft shell crab, daughter the chicken fried rice. Was very nice, and even nicer as they gave us it complementary, as I had signed/validated a Passport application for the boss lady a couple of months ago. I won't give exact location, as @boydeste would be down later hooking those carp. Those lots of clues in the pics.
  12. Great news, glad to see you finally noticed one of the numerous such posts on this thread alone. We're here to help!
  13. Mr Forest will just pretend he didn't read that, like the other similar posts in the thread which i've read, but he seems to have inexplicably missed
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