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  1. Just got a new badminton set, me and the missus gonna start from next week when school's back 🏸
  2. More importantly, has it got a beer garden we can currently use?
  3. Indeed, that's why i said in certain circumstances.
  4. Watching the football, no, not that CL PSG/Bayern rubbish, i'm talking reall football, Northern Ireland ladies hopefully win a playoff to the Euro finals.
  5. Certainly not against the death sentence, in certain circumstances.
  6. We are though, there's not too many countries currently opening up like we are, they're mostly locking down, whether it be in Europe, Turkey or Thailand. Countries that have vaccinated well, like say Gibraltar or Israel are getting back to a sense of normality. Chile though, would show the folly in doing it too quick, and thinking that's it, all over now. It can be done right, as is being shown, and i feel we're currently doing it right. But i agree with the Government urging caution, so as not to have a full free for all, all over, as in what happened in Chile, and fucking it
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