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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this but as this is one of, if not the, first threads Phil started on the board I thought it might be fitting. It isn't about what I'm doing but rather what Phil's widow is doing. Yesterday she called me to pass on the news that she has been granted her indefinite leave to remain in the UK. So right now she has had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. Due to her uncertain status she has been unable to receive a single penny of help from the government since Phil's death. Not even the family allowance for their son Thomas. At the beginning
  2. Was lovely to catch up with you and thanks for the lift
  3. It is over and went as well as these things can in these strange days. Can't write much now but Puang gave me permission to post this photo of Thomas and the flowers sent to represent the forum. Thanks to John Luke for attending and representing the forum.
  4. This is the eulogy to be read by the celebrant at the funeral. If anyone has anything to add please let me know. EULOGY Phil was born in Leeds on the 14th March 1970. He was raised with his sister Louise and Brother Mark. Happy times were had in the 1980’s when the family holidayed in Filey, spending time looking for crabs on Filey Brigg, fishing and building sandcastle fortresses. Phil career was varied and living for a time in Lanzarote meant that he ran a bar but then turned his hand to building swimming pools, a job which he loved. In 2006 Phil returned to the UK and beg
  5. Money continues to arrive. From members like @Binlid, thanks mate, and non members like Amex who gave me money back from the funeral flowers which will be put into the fund and Mrs @Horizondave whose friends Patty, Jane and Cartoon have all made a donation. Presently £2953 has been paid out in funeral costs and the £500 cash given to Puang and there is £180 in the bank.
  6. And it continues. Last week a friend of Mrs Horizondave heard the story and made a donation and she told another Thai lady resident in the UK who has also sent some money. @Binlid was on the phone as soon as he got back from holiday today and has made a very generous donation too.
  7. Just received an offer of financial help from an anonymous member this morning. Thank you very much mate, very generous of you.
  8. I believe she has been offered help of a loan for this.
  9. Puang's plan is to stay in the UK and is applying for indefinite leave to remain which she should get no problem being the widow of a British citizen and mother of a British child.
  10. An update. We collected £2918 plus pennies. £2273 paid for the funeral. £180 was the cost of the celebrant to host the funeral and I topped up the remainder to make a nice round £500 which I gave to Puang today. I know that there are possibly another couple of donations to come but I wanted to give Puang some money today. She is fine but under a lot of pressure. I met a very old friend of Phil's today who, along with his wife, is helping her. Thomas is just a bundle of fun and is definitely going to be a big lad like his dad. Although he has dark hair like his mother I to
  11. You have six months to apply for this. Whether you are successful or not depends on which other benefits you are entitled to. Before Phil's death any benefits the family got were in his name and Puang is going through the process of applying for them now. If she applies for the bereavement benefit before successfully obtaining the qualifying ones she may appear to be ineligible. Or at least this is what we have been lead to believe. Unfortunately due to Puang's present status in the country the funeral directors were unwilling to do anything until £1000 deposit was paid and want full paym
  12. Yes got it mate. Extremely kind of you and much appreciated. Also received one from an old lady in the Thai community in the UK a friend of Mrs @Horizondave
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