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  1. Third slice from an 18" pizza. I should have stopped after the second. My 7yo finished three easily.
  2. The Johnsonville brats were my favorite in the US, too. A few years ago I saw some imported Johnsonville in the freezer section at Tops and bought a bunch, but I haven't seen any since. These taste the same, but but are a little less dense. They are made by Prime food service in Thailand and labeled "Wisconsin Bratwurst."
  3. Grill night. Steak cut beef tenderloin with blue cheese butter. Grilled stuffed potatoes. Wisconsin bratwurst. Sage and Thyme sausage.
  4. Ugly but tasty. Pepperoni, Mozzarella and Romano omelet with Italian spices mixed into the egg.
  5. It was 26°C (79°F) this morning. So I'm enjoying seeing Thais in jackets, sweaters, and parkas on what most westerners would consider a warm day.
  6. Wow, 29yo already? How many times? Happy birthday!
  7. I bought a new Toyota Fortuner a few months ago. I only got a Thai owners manual and requested an English one. That took over a month to show up but in the meantime I found it online and downloaded a copy.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving all. Our evolution of the meal in Thailand: At the start, we source a hard to find in our area turkey which was ridiculously expensive. We pull leftover turkey out of the freezer for months. Later, we switch to chicken. A 3kg bird could usually be found in the freezer section. Now, we just get the parts we want. If three people want a drumstick, get three, etc. They also roast faster than a whole bird and there's less waste
  9. tko


    My big one is in the days before a shopping trip, I add what we'll need to a checklist app on my phone. When we get to the store I forget to look at the phone.
  10. Sizzler charges 20 Baht for their takeout box. I guess to discourage ordering a meal, filling up on the salad bar and taking the meal home. I noticed at the McDonalds here they charge 40 Baht for delivery but the cheeseburgers my kids like are 5 Baht more each online compared to the menu in the restaurant. They don't charge extra for takeaway though at the restaurant.
  11. Meatloaf stuffed with Mozzarella, Cheddar and Romano cheese.
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