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  1. I bought a 24” Ben Q monitor for son ( as his second display monitor as his first Samsung was then discontinued) and it was on sale at £95. from ebuyer as they had a sale on. Purchased October 2020 and had no issues.
  2. Apologies in advance as I know there is some info out there / on here which has suggested suitable places to get a test carried out prior to departing to Thailand but I wanted to see if this could be put in a separate thread. To this end, can members suggest places which offer this service and any costs, reliability etc ? We fly in December so I am currently getting everything lined up
  3. I had one of these as a summer car a few years back 645 beast - Twas lovely but an impulsive buy and sold it a year later have covered only 300 or so miles
  4. Nice one. I have a quick question, what format can you upload docs in then if not PDF ?
  5. Very nice accommodation in a decent building. Good luck with this it’s a good price for the standard /location.
  6. I pay 1% here in the uk. So a big difference
  7. We’ve escaped the bad stuff and looks not too bad today missus wants to go hunting for mushrooms in the wye valley
  8. How was the journey mate ? - unfortunately it appears you have moved from one wet season to another, albeit temporarily!
  9. I hope you have a great celebration next week under the circumstances- be wary of local strength ales / ciders !
  10. Have a safe trip and will be interested to read your travel experiences.
  11. I read that article just now and he speaks a lot of sense.
  12. Currently excludes travel to Thailand so possibly their terms need updating
  13. cheers I'll take a wee look and see if they offer to younger folk (not that much as im 50 !) EDIT - just seen its for over 50's so I sadly qualify
  14. Does anyone here have recommendations for Travel Insurance which covers the corona stuff on a Policy............I looked at Liverpool Victoria without checking and it excludes this element so will need to cancel and look elsewhere. Only Stipulation is we need 45 days cover per trip
  15. Hehe - not those 🤣 there are plenty not far from us in Priddy, just outside Wells in somerset ….if you know you know 😎
  16. Had a nice walk earlier in some local woods on the hunt for mushrooms snd ended up returning with chestnuts 🌰 Quite warm as well so made it a pleasant few hours. stumbled across a former school house which caught my eye, just a simply built natural stone building with separate boys and girls entrance doors. Sold sign up by a resi estate agent so clearly now gone in for planning to convert to a dwelling.
  17. Alfresco drinking at its finest - basically in the road !
  18. Meeting an old Uni pal for our monthly piss up and a pub crawl around the Kingsdown area of Bristol
  19. You’ve done brilliantly, well done. You’ve lost 20% of your old body weight so that’s to be applauded- I’m not a doctor but 80kg is quite low ( comparatively) so I share your view about the doctors aspirations being optimistic - Caveat - everyone is different so she maybe correct Good luck
  20. Becoming an increasing fan of the Ferrari 458 model - for the money, I don’t consider them expensive. a glorious looking car
  21. Some great pics and commentary. Looks great and very scenic
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