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  1. believe it started a couple of weeks ago on Netflix. Very interesting series, pretty much about corruption in the Rescue services In Bangkok,
  2. Visited here a couple of days ago. Always wanted to pop by and check it out. RAF Tangmere museum is located just south of Chichester in the south coast. featured heavily surinf the Battle of Britain and the D-Day invasion of France. Most of the former site has been dug up and built in but they have managed to create a museum on the corner of the former runway
  3. Korean series just started on Netflix yesterday.
  4. Just started a Korean series on Netflix, pretty gruesome series. Called Squid Game.
  5. Desperate times equals desperate measures!(Hint hint, matches and gasoline dont mix too well) Just saying like!!!
  6. Sherlock


    All about the money! Apparently if they do a min of 2 laps, that qualifies as a race and it also means that the FIA get their $15,000,000 dollars from the circuit race organisers!!
  7. Managed to get around to watching this last night. Still prefer the HBO series though, as this movie is riddled with inaccuracies throughout! Important to note, that at no time was this mentioned during the film (and probably not surprised considering this was a Russian movie), that the liquidators were all Ukrainian and not Russian! The movie was written to give the impression they were Russian! Infact everyone was Russian, but in the real event, just about everyone initially connected to Chernobyl was Ukrainian. Solid 7.5/10
  8. As someone else as mentioned, although technically not a "movie", Band of Brothers has to be up there as one of the best movies/TV show about WW2. Das Boot for the gritty realism of lives under the water. For something entertaining and enjoyable to watch, Jojo Rabbit, Escape to Victory and 1941 are up amongst the ones to watch. Also enjoyed Escape from Athena, but that's probably more to do with looking at some of that amazing countryside of Greece of how it used to be, compared to all that high rise crap and bollocks the Greek Islands have now become!
  9. Apparently the owner of this board is looking at buying his own vaccines (online shopping I guess), for him and his friends and any other farangs in Thailand! Fantasy dream world some people live in!!
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