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  1. Confirmation had come Friday evening, within a few hours of Sir David's death. In any case, the circumstances of the attack- stabbed in a church during a visit with constituents- were immediately known and clearly pointed to political violence even if the exact motive wasn't certain at that point. To use the term "passed away" rather than "murder" or "assassination" seemed to downplay the killing. Khan's initial response seemed far less vehement than what he Tweeted immediately after Sasha Johnson was shot. The following is an interesting opinion piece from The Wall Street Journal. I want to stress it's opinion and NOT a news article. I posted it in full because it's behind a paywall. Evil The murder on Friday of Member of Parliament David Amess as he met with constituents has shocked Britain, and it ought to concern other Western democracies too. It’s the first assassination of a British political figure by an apparent Islamist that we can recall, and it raises troubling questions about assimilation and democratic norms. Amess, a 69-year-old Tory MP for Essex east of London, was among the most well-liked and respected backbenchers. His service extended to the Thatcher era and he had assisted refugees from the world’s many despotisms. He was attacked in a church during his regular Friday constituent meeting. He was killed, in other words, doing the normal open business of representative democracy. Media reports identify his killer as Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old British citizen of Somali heritage. He was waiting in a line of constituents when he stabbed Amess multiple times with a knife. Police are calling the assassination an act of domestic terrorism and are investigating Mr. Ali for radical Islamic sympathies or links. The BBC reports that Mr. Ali, who is under arrest, was not on the MI5 “subjects of interest” list, but he had been referred to the counterterror Prevent program that aims to stop radicalization. There have been other attacks on politicians in the U.K. and U.S. that are unrelated to Islamists. A far-right assailant killed Labour MP Jo Cox in a knife and gun assault in 2016. A Bernie Sanders sympathizer opened fire on Republican House Members practicing for their annual baseball game in 2017 and nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise. But if Mr. Ali’s attack was motivated by extremist Islamic ideology, it will revive concerns about radicalization. Is he an immigrant himself, or a second-generation immigrant who became radicalized in the U.K.? Was Mr. Ali associated with an Islamist mosque or preacher? Radical Islam is at war with Western values, views jihad as a sacred cause, and exploits the openness of democratic societies to spread terror and kill the innocent. British political figures were split over the weekend on what kind of security to provide MPs going forward. At least one Tory recommended suspending the in-person constituent meetings known as “surgeries.” Others, including Home secretary Priti Patel, said such acts of terror shouldn’t be allowed to end the accessibility and openness that are hallmarks of British democracy. Our instincts lean to Ms. Patel’s view, but then the country’s security services and political culture will have to do a better job of addressing the spread of Islamic radicalism. Copyright ©2021 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Appeared in the October 18, 2021, print edition.
  2. We know too little at this point to make credible predictions about re-pricing, whether great or small. The direction prices take once Pattaya re-opens depends on factors that no one can foresee with accuracy: how fast things get back to normal; how many bars and other businesses survive the corona shakeout; how many and which girls decide to return to Pattaya and P4P; any significant changes to government policy on tourist visas or nightlife; world economic conditions; exchange rates and numerous others. What's for sure is that the law of supply and demand will still apply. There may be movement, slides or even shifts on one or both of the curves, but the basic principles won't change. Services that are in high demand and short supply will cost more than services in plentiful supply but with modest demand. Young and pretty will still cost more than old and ugly when Pattaya re-opens to mass tourism. Demand will remain high for the top girls' services. Any combination of factors that would cause a significant decrease in price levels for P4P services across the board would be serious enough to make Pattaya a decidedly unpleasant place for a vacation of any type. It's "magical thinking" beyond reality to imagine post-corona scenarios in which P4P prices drop sharply but other conditions remain the same as in pre-corona Pattaya. Bottom line: The prices we saw pre-corona and will see post-corona are the result of market forces and economic developments FAR beyond the control of the participants in the Thai commercial sex sector. But every visitor has control over what he chooses to spend and there is every reason to believe plenty of options will exist in all "price categories." Evil
  3. Traditional Louisiana Creole red beans and rice, with sweet corn, cornbread and tomatoes on the side. It took two days to make- the dried kidney beans had to soak for 24 hours, then once cooked, I let the dish rest for 24 hours in the fridge to allow the flavors to meld. The cornbread was also made from scratch.
  4. Happy to see Khan has updated the site to include a condemnation of terrorism. I guess there was some pressure on him. Evil
  5. Has there been much reaction to this Tweet on the Mayor of London's official site? In the U.S., it would be considered extremely disrespectful to refer to someone who had been murdered, much less assassinated, as having "passed away." If any mayor in the U.S. had written George Floyd had "passed away," it would have been an instant career-ender. I also read Khan has not condemned terrorism or political extremism in connection with the assassination of Sir David Amess. Evil
  6. Very sad news. RIP. Apparently he wasn't a controversial MP. Everyone keep telling yourself Islam is the religion of peace. Fatal stabbing of U.K. lawmaker declared a terrorist incident by police London's Metropolitan Police Department has declared the fatal stabbing of British lawmaker David Amess a terrorist incident. Amess died earlier Friday after he was stabbed multiple times while meeting with constituents in southern England. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, who is also the Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, formally declared the incident as terrorism, the police department said in a statement. The department also said a preliminary investigation "has revealed a potential motivation linked to Islamist extremism." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/fatal-stabbing-of-uk-lawmaker-declared-a-terrorist-incident-by-police/ar-AAPAfDm
  7. A combination breakfast and lunch: scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, tomatoes and homemade biscuits with the chopped bits of last night's roast vegetables mixed in.
  8. Oven-roasted turnips, sweet potatoes and onions along with fondant potatoes that had been cooked separately. On the plate with two pan-seared and oven-finished lamb chops.
  9. I agree. Tagging is ugly. destructive vandalism but street art in the proper places is an asset for any city. Before moving to Pattaya in 2011, I lived in Jersey City, NJ, which is directly across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan in NYC. Jersey City has had a public art project for a long time, with professional artists paid to paint murals on public property and private buildings (with the owners' consent). Some of the artwork, such as the 180-foot portrait of David Bowie, has attracted international attention. The pub;ic art ranges from straight-up graphics: ... and simple childlike illustrations: to massive, highly complex projects: Since 2003, about 200 murals have been painted on buildings, walls, bridges, overpasses, etc. in Jersey City. Evil
  10. Chicken and dumplings, a favorite autumn and winter dish of mine. Light, fluffy dumplings cooked atop a chicken stew. 😋Yumm! Evil
  11. Lunch today: plate of Spanish fried rice with sweet peppers, onion, tomatoes and a couple of slices of bacon for flavor. It's saffron that makes the rice yellow. My sister, who's been a strict vegetarian since age 18 and vegan the past five years, commented it would almost have been healthy if I hadn't added bacon and fried the rice in the bacon fat. My breakfast this morning: slices of tomato and real mozzarella on biscuit halves. I've gotten great tomatoes all summer at a local farm stand. The heirloom tomatoes are finished for the year ; now the stand is mainly selling pumpkins ahead of Halloween. Dinner last night: tilapia baked in brown butter with tomatoes, feta and onions on the side. Evil
  12. These are Pillsbury biscuits baked from a package of dough. Less time, trouble and clean-up than homemade and taste almost as good. I frequently make them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They bake in 15 minutes. My dinner last night. Oven roasted slices of pork loin on a bed of bacon, onion and potato. I fried the extra potato bits. As I said before, I need to get better at plating. i fried some tomato slices to go with the pork, bacon and biscuits.
  13. A zombie meatloaf wrapped in bacon I made for a pre-Halloween potluck neighborhood dinner. The kids at the dinner went crazy over it and there were arguments about who would get to eat the (roast potato) eyes and teeth. This is what it looks like on a plate with monster mash potatoes (ordinary mashed potatoes with roasted mushroom bits. A boy of about 14 cut himself the first really big slice seen in the pic. but one of women supervising the table confiscated his plate and let him keep only about a third of the serving. That was so all the kids would get some of the meatloaf. The mothers wanted the recipe and instructions because even picky eaters liked the meatloaf. I think it was more the idea of eating something gross-looking and then bragging about it at school the next day along with showing the cellphone photo or posting it to Facebook. Before Covid, some of the people who live on the same street as my niece would gather every month for a cookout or potluck dinner, depending on the season. Those get-togethers went into hibernation for nearly 18 months due to the lockdown, but have now started again, although with fewer families attending. Evil
  14. Simple Greek salad: tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese, dressed with mint parsley,, lemon juice and olive oil. Feta is one of my absolute favorite cheese sorts, but I should have known better than to get a pack of crumbled feta. It wasn't very good. In the future, I'll stick to the imported feta, even though it is expensive.
  15. I'm going to have to improve my plating skills. The following pics aren't very appealing, but the dish tasted great. Mexico-inspired sauteed chicken thighs and vegetables (chopped onions, celery, sweet peppers and mushrooms) seasoned with chili powder, minced garlic, cumin, paprika, cilantro and dried oregano. I also added a few chopped slices of bacon for extra flavor. I ate it with lime-cilantro rice, a huge favorite of mine.
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