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  1. I don't get this trusting in the Bible stuff. I am not a religious person, but nor do I oppose other peoples rights of belief. But what I do not understand is this........ If people believe that God (whichever God that may be) will save them from getting the Covid 19 virus or dying from it etc, then why has that same God allowed Covid to plague mankind in the first place? Or is it that those who follow, are the chosen ones to be left standing and all non- believers will perish? Edit, was writing this whilst Krapow was Posting the abovev
  2. I am not suggesting that the UK is a pinup country, but for me it is the only real reference I have, with first hand experience. What is clear, is that there has been a well organised and targeted vaccination program with few vaccine shortages. As vaccinations go up, deaths and hospitalisation are going down rapidly. That of course will change over the next few months as cases rise again but the most important factor is the RATIO. Thailand did not anticipate a third wave of the proportion of cases seen recently, and now in a position where it is struggling to keep up and vaccinate its pop
  3. Actually that is not an indication at all. What one has to look at, is the number of cases so far by country, and the number of deaths and hospitalisation BEFORE vaccinations had been fully rolled out. However, both countries are at different stages of vaccination, Thailand is experiencing a heavier 3rd wave of cases and less testing, so the true numbers of infection cannot be gauged at this point. But its not a competition. This serious and people are dying. What the most important figures are and hopefully will be in Thailand are the number of people in hospital or d
  4. Regarding Covid vaccinations Let us suppose that if the majority of people (in Uk/Europe for example) chose not to receive any of the Covid vaccines available. That being the case, we would almost certainly be in a perpetual state of Lockdown, with thousands still dying, a health service in collapse and at a complete economic standstill. However, a very large proportion of the Adult population have decided that they wish to be vaccinated for the good of themselves, their friends and loved ones and for the good of their country. They have chosen Social responsibly. These
  5. Of course they can, but far less chances of catching it and less chance of hospital admission or death. Less strain on the health system. Statistically there is a greater chance of dying just by leaving one's home, crossing the road or getting food poisoning etc etc etc. What is worse, being hospitalised with a reaction or being hospitalised with Covid? Their argument makes no sense at all.
  6. You mean like not getting Covid, or having mild symptoms, not being hospitalised? What are these reaction effects that they have seen?
  7. Cheers I did walk past a Wetherspoons in Tooting Broadway on my way to the station and was tempted to stop off for a pint of Doombar, but the place looked full of undesirables 🚫😁😁
  8. Just got back from my quarterly post cancer check up at St George's. All clear again but I am always a bit on edge for the few days leading up to it. Sweating like a rapist now, so a cold shower followed by an ice cold glass of Lucozade.
  9. Off the top of my head and in no particular order Wild West Agogo (S13 Bobby's Bar (Bhuakow) Club Boesche Gogo (WS) and of course...... King Kong Bar S6 (a shit hole in terms of decor and beauty but I enjoyed many afternoon hours of filth and debauchery there, both upstairs and downstairs)
  10. "The Pianist" One of my favourite movies based in Poland during WW2 "Where Eagles Dare" Still my ALL TIME favourite WW2 classic. I confess to having watched it over a, dozen times.
  11. I have a box of those but got mixed up with a bowel cancer testing kit and I stuck the swab up my arse
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