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  1. I thought that I would have a, 3 week gap between first and second. Now Ian told that it can be up to 12 weeks before second jab. So waiting for a call from my GP
  2. Last hour, complete pain in the arse My Huawei tablet, which I mainly use for this forum was continually running out of memory, dispute cleaning up and removing some Apps. Decided to reset it back to factory and back up few files Tried to sign in here with correct PW about 10 times. Left it for 10 minutes and got on. No idea what happened. Managed to load a few apps and sign in OK That said, got everything back to how it was and its fast and stable again. Must by a micro memory card from Amazon today
  3. We don't have any members showing up in Shocking Pink That might be a useful addition 😁
  4. Home made pizza tonight. Well, not 100% as I used a premade pizza base. I think I went a bit overboard on the topping, but it was very nice indeed and served with the dreaded Coleslaw 😁
  5. Got to feel sorry for Lisowski, but at least he had good frame 6 and avoided a white wash. Ronnie just too good.
  6. Yes, Kings Castle, that was it. I am glad it wasn't just me 😁😁
  7. Yep. Brilliant, 4-0 up at the interval
  8. Moderators in red, Admin in Blue and yes, everyone has Syphilis (except for me, of course) 😁😁 We wear these uniforms when on duty Below is a picture of Moderator Nickrock ready for action
  9. My greatest concern is that C19 does not mutate into a far more deadly strain, possibly this winter. Viruses have a habit of mutating when the are under attack. But hopefully the vaccination. Program will be able to keep up with such a thing and vaccines will be modified. The only problem with that of course is timing, and another massive vaccine roll out For now, it's going well, a decline in infections and hospitalisations plus over 15 million vaccinations so far. Covid won't give up without a fight but we are starting to win. Roll on June and let's hope that there a
  10. Capone is coming to Netflix today, staring Tom Hardy. I have been waiting to see it for a while. About Capone in his later years
  11. I had the chip placed on my shoulder
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