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  1. Sorry to hear that but glad you are feeling OK. If you had 2 further negative tests, could it be that the first test could have been a false positive? Best wishes to you and Mrs Binlid
  2. Does Kamagra have the same effect? Asking for friend πŸ™„
  3. And it will keep rolling until there is a sustainable way to combat the virus and its variants. Doing nothing. Is no longer an option. Until antivaxers can come up with a feasible alternative strategy, then they will continue to be ignored. I suppose you could regard their strategy.as being simply to let the virus spread,cancel the vaccine rollouts, forget about face protections and let hospital ICUs get so full that people will be left to die athome or left outside to die, and which will include a large number of the unvaccinated. Antivaxers only add to the problem, not the solution.
  4. Nightcrawler


    Yes, that's true. Had not not thought of that scenario, you are quite right.
  5. Fantastic Final by both of those young players, was a joy for me to watch. Xingtong at 24, is a star of the future IMO and destined to be one of Snooker greats. Looking forward to the Masters in january
  6. Nightcrawler


    What a fiasco, but I think it made the most exciting race of the season with so many twists and turns, race stoppages, strategy changes and yellow flags, with the top two title contenders both doing everything to gain advantage. Must have been a nightmare for Race Control and the Stewards. I thought a the time, when Hamilton hit the back of Verstappen, that Verstappen was harshly treated. But then that is only what we could see as spectators. It turns out that Verstappen was later given a 10 point penalty after the Telemetry had been examined Of course I was probably bias as I am a Red Bull fan. It's down to the wire next week and I hope that the Stewards will be fair, as its the penultimate decider for the World Drivers Championship and possibly the Constructors Championship. Two F1 gladiators fighting it out with little between them on equal points, not seen for a very long time, if ever, in F1 Should be a cheek clenching contest in Abu Dhabi next weekend.
  7. Based on what? To form an opinion it's usually best to seek relevant information first. After all, you must be using the Internet, to know what is happening in the world regarding these breaches of basic rights that you mention. We all post our own opinions which are based both on both our own experiences and the Media, local news sites, Covid travel updates, Covid Stats etc. Unless you are one who simply copies other people's posts from Twitter and reposts them here. πŸ€”
  8. Which Search Engine do you use for your information? It would be good to share, I would certainly be interested in taking a look.
  9. Politicians and Govt worldwide, apart from 3 in Central America, have largely reacted in similar ways to the Covid pandemic, albeit at different times and according to the number of Covid cases. I guess you believe they are all wrong and corrupt. Maybe they are all in it together, to create this New World Order, that conspiracy theorists are fond of touting. I am glad that you have escaped the "bubble". Well done you How have you gone about it. considering that you reside in Country where you have no National status and very few rights as a non Thai citizen. I don't believe that you have been forced to have the Covid vaccine and are required to carry a Covid pass to gain access to venues and restaurants. You are required to wear a mask in certain places for a short time. Pretty much the same as UK. I think you are in the same bubble as everyone else 😁 it's the Covid bubble, we are all learning to live with it. Even for you rebels without a cause. I trust in the science behind addressing the Pandemic. . Governments come and go as always. A very large proportion of the world's population have been vaccinated against Covid, only disproportionate in countries that do not have an adequate supply of vaccines. Millions more will receive vaccinations/boosters over the coming months. In the main, people still have the RIGHT to chose whether they wish to he vaccinated, and clearly, a small percentage of those populations remain unvaccinated. In some countries, a Covid Pass has been introduced, in order enter certain places, such as cafes and restaurants etc (not in my country I might add and no requirement to Conform to the will of our evil masters😁). Tough measures, sure, for some, but that is equally of their own making. To make vaccinations effective on a population, they need to be in high number. Its getting that way in many countries, , but there maybe other unknowns with variants popping up from time to time. That's a future that none of know yet nor can accurately predict. I always think, that with Freedom, comes Responsibly but unfortunately there are those always just wanting the freedom as their God given right without excercising basic responsibility. I think we should all fear the Covid virus to an extent. It's a natural reaction to anything which is a threat to us. But for those who fear it most, would never leave their home, let alone being told not to. I have seen first hand what the Virus can do to a person, and it is many times worse than Flu. My daughter fears for me getting infected rather than herself, having had it already. I do fear for others too. I fear for my best mate who has just finished Chemotherapy that has wiped out a large part of his immune system. I fear that if he were to be infected by Covid that he could die as a result or become hospitalised. He will jump at the chance of being vaccinated when the time is right. Fear is a human instinct in sensing danger as it is in the animal kingdom. Only if we become consumed with fear, then it become paranoia. Fear of Covid, the fear of the vaccine. What's the difference? πŸ™ If antivaxers fear the Covid Vaccines. Many of their arguments are based on those fears. It may do them harm in future, or harm to their children, it's not been tested enough so it could be dangerous. All based upon fear
  10. You have NO idea about my life, you don't know me and you don't know how I spend my time. Let's make that clear from the start. I don't have a problem conforming to current UK Covid guidelines and even if I did, there is nothing that I could do about it that would change anything. I chose to be vaccinated and I chose to wear a mask in certain situations. I exercise caution when I think needs be. I have All the basic things that I NEED. Food in my belly, a great family, a social life, friends, a roof over my HEAD, money in the bank and all the gear I need for my musical Pastime. I may want other things but I have all I need, just as I had prior to the Pandemic I make the best of what I have, and adapt to the different environment that we are currently experiencing, rather than moan every day that I am missing out on what I may think I am entitled to do. What is it exactly that you think are your entitlements? And what needs are you being so deprived of. Moreover, what are your plans to address them.
  11. Who is frowning about travel? I am all for travel if its conducted safely. I can easily tick all the boxes to travel almost anywhere I like, apart from red countries at present. No fear involved. As far as Thailand is concerned, I would rather wait until if and when the bars reopen, but there is nothing that I can do to have any effect on those decisions. You can't change things as they are, unless you decide to organise a protest rally in Bangkok. Good luck with that 😁😁 We can't always have what we want, nor should expect it as a God given right of entitlement I'm afraid, and that is just a fact of life. Your fear is that we may go back to the dark ages. It's still a fear. Reality, is that most of the worlds politicians and leaders, broadly share the current precautions against Covid. That is unlikely to change for the time being, and we will have to accept it and adapt accordingly. A few protest marches here and there, and social media influences, really aren't going to make any difference. You living your life how you want could well be at the expense of others
  12. You should rent a room together 😁😁😁
  13. I am not cowering in any shadows, far from it. I lead an active life and I don't just think of going back to Thailand as my one and only objective in life. However, this not really about me personally or you for that matter. I wouldn't dream of either telling you how to run your life, or how you feel, or what you should think or do. In the grand scheme of things, neither you or I are that important. My views are not put forward on an emotional basis. I don't feel ruled by fear, and I am very optimistic about the future, and not that we are all doomed for eternity. Pandemic have come and gone throughout history. For me, its purely about damage limitation during those times. There are many diseases that are now extinct or less evasive, thanks to modern science. I don't feel controlled by fear. I have a fear of heights(which is not totally irrational) and get vertigo, but I find by simply avoiding high buildings where possible, that it's not a life changer. I have lived with and beaten Cancer, so I am f+cked if I am going to let Covid do ish me off 😊 I live with caution, not fear If I want to go shopping today or take public transport, or most other things I may want to do, I am free to do so. If I want to travel abroad, I can still do so, in countries that will allow travellers from UK. So what, I have to wear a mask in shops or on public transport. No big deal as I don't plan on socialising during those activities. As long as I am polite and respectful of others, then no problem for me. No more inconvenient than being strapped in my car by a seat belt. Those bloody politicians again telling us what to do 😁😁😁 People swallow antibiotics these days like they are going out fashion, but they have saved millions of lives and continue to do so and all down to scientific research and discovery. I believe that as well as offering some protection to others, masks also act as a social statement to show respect for others, in times of such distrust Doing nothing, leaves Covid totally in the driving seat.
  14. I wonder how many others have died through taking his advice and guidance? Oh well, it was God's Will and he will be in Heaven by now 😊 and his millions will be shared by the family
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