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  1. Assuming you mean this one and the garden just behind; unfortunately fenced off. I am assuming it is having a refurbishment.
  2. Mikes Mall - Only did ground lnd first floor. Very quiet. Half of first floor had all stalls removed, just floor space.
  3. LK Metro, Soi Dianna and along to Beach Road. Kiss Food empty and time was around mid day.
  4. And onto the statue and Pattaya Bay View Point. Approachaing 0900 hours and I do not think there were more than eight visitors on the site.
  5. Attended Big Buddha Temple around 0800 this morning. Had the site to myself for at least an hour before a few others attended. Some considerable work has been done on the site.
  6. We are not judgemental @Stillearly. We note your interest, however the content will probably dissappoint. In summary; two motor cycle taxis, some chairs where ladyboys used to sit, a new bar advertising for staff, a small gynasium, a 2018 party and a ladyboy in a red dress (Photographs 8 & 9). Last few then Beach Road towards Soi 7.
  7. Returned from submission of TM30 at Immigration.
  8. Bella Italia - Second Road almost directly opposite Soi 6.
  9. A visit to Naklua Sea Food Market at 0900 this morning. Very quiet with quite a few of the outside stalls left empty. Contact tracing at all entrances; very efficient.
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