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  1. Pattaya Night Bazar was recovering well; about 70% of stall were occupied and work going on at some of the others.
  2. From this afternoon's walk. Very hazy, the shot of the Pattaya City sign was taken from a point close to Soi 6. The police have a new jet ski and preparations are ongoing for the next round of the music festival which is scheduled for Friday and Saturday.
  3. Sorry for quality of photograph. Vehicle parked in a tight spot with little room for manoeuvre when taking the photograph.
  4. It will soon have travelled further than the Olympic torch.
  5. I thought a certain Pattaya resident, whom I am far too diplomatic to name, may be interested.
  6. I am saying that in the circumstances the law in Wales requires him to self isolate.
  7. Dinner in Yayoi in Terminal 21. Dinner in Yayoi in Terminal 21.
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