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  1. So far, it's almost as good as the cricket! 17-6
  2. Painter


    Oh well, a lie in tomorrow morning!
  3. Painter


    If we could set them 120, the game might get to day 3. But it's a massive IF. Maybe Jofra will come out and hit a few and get a bit of luck. After all, he won't be bowling again... I wonder whether Channel 4 are thinking they've got good value for their investment?
  4. Painter


    0-2 From 3 balls. Forget day 5. I'd be worried if I had a ticket for tomorrow.
  5. Painter


    India 145 all out. Root shows the England spinners how it's done! My money's on a draw...
  6. You know the well dressed gentleman... he's a stubborn old git! Ask him about the ham sandwich he ate is 1976... the result is almost the same as the prawn sandwiches.....
  7. Painter


    India 99-3 at the close. I make that 13 behind. Let's hope tomorrow's better
  8. Painter


    Was that another 3rd umpiring howler? Let's face it, he didnt take much time over it... Where were the other views? Conclusive evidence??
  9. That's because they didnt think it through fully, and the chip isnt compatible with any immigration computer system. They're working on an upgraded chip, but by them the immigration computers will be working on windows52, and the new chip will only be compatible upto windows51...
  10. Painter


    112 all out Lowest first innings score in India. Root is going to have to do a lot of bowling, me thinks
  11. A well dressed gentleman reports this place on buckhou/soi 15 had a somchai touching up the paintwork and is reopening next week
  12. Painter


    Archer in at no8. The tail is long, and exposed... Let's hope it wags for a long time, otherwise this will be another 3 day test.
  13. Painter


    By 9.12am I had woken up, gone through my morning routines, poured myself another coffee, and settled down to a day of live cricket. What was the first ball I saw? Sibley, out. Oh well, nothing changes!
  14. I did the same.... then I went into my local (well, 20 miles away) Asian shop to buy the ingredients, and bought a bottle of it instead!!
  15. Cow man gai. That's chicken and rice, with spicy sauce.
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