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  1. You eating off the plate or the tray?! 🙂
  2. Port Stanley is looking unseasonably warm....
  3. Port Stanley is looking unseasonably warm....
  4. Painter


    76-7. Still 9 behind. I'm guessing there'll be little cricket tomorrow....
  5. Painter


    Just turned on to see Laurence get a first baller. Standard collapse.... and I've only seen one ball.
  6. I wouldnt bother until Wednesday or Thursday...
  7. Painter


    Unless Anderson celebrates with a 50, or hangs around so Lawrence can let rip, I cant see that happening...
  8. Painter


    England batsman batter: "I say, this rather nice kiwi bowler has just lobbed a red thing down about 3 feet outside my off stump. Let me wave this piece of willow I'm holding at it..... oh......... oh bugger...."
  9. I believe these were police from outside pattaya.... Again, only from what I'm reading elsewhere....
  10. Rumour has it that various bars on sois 6 and chiapoon, that had girls working on camera for tips, are unlikely to be streaming live following raids by police. I thought we had a streaming thread but cant find it....
  11. Painter


    Is there anyone in the England squad that's safe?! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2021/06/08/ecb-face-questions-historic-jos-buttler-eoin-morgan-social-media/amp/ (Thanks mum!) The England and Wales Cricket Board are investigating historical tweets posted by senior players Jos Buttler and Eoin Morgan after they appeared to mimic Indian people saying “Sir” in posts sent in 2017 and 2018. The messages have been widely circulated on Twitter in the wake of the ECB’s decision to suspend Ollie Robinson for posts that were made in 2012 and 2013 when he was
  12. Slow cooked pork shoulder steaks, cooked in a mild bbq sauce, with mushrooms and onions
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