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  1. I wish I could photoshop jaws swimming towards you out of the mist.... 🙂
  2. If you two set up your own twatter accounts, fforest might see sense and believe you!
  3. It was raining 3 hours ago, so I completed that hateful tax return. It's now hot and sunny, so I'm off for a walk to clear my head!
  4. The first graph seems to show something (unknown) from January and February 2012 ..... It probably appeared on his twatter feed as highly important and up-to-date information!
  5. Ditto. Ring before 12, get a phone call that day. Face to face within days if they deem it necessary.
  6. Steak and mushrooms were done old school in a pan.... I've read somewhere that air fried steaks are dry, and besides, the steak was bigger than my airfryer!
  7. Bearing in mind @boydeste is living out of a can for the next god-knows-how-long and so won't be taking pics of steaks , I suffered a steak, with garlic mushrooms and home made chips, all on his behalf, you understand. I've given up on steak for the past year or so after too many pieces of shoe-leather from supermarkets.... but this was from a real butcher's shop. I fear I will be returning...!
  8. From my "man on the street, live-ish"
  9. puts on his best Dan Maskell voice... "Oh, I say...." Cracking game. Let's hope it's the first championship of many.
  10. Bugger, did I miss them? Couple of stunning shots from young Miss R to break back
  11. Is it safe to turn back on yet?
  12. Read this, turn on, Raducanu loses loads of points and is broken. Typical. Maybe I'd better turn off....
  13. Breathing the annual sigh of relief. The MOT man found nothing wrong with my car...
  14. Painter


    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cricket/2021/09/10/india-players-signed-midnight-letter-bcci-refusing-play-old/amp/ The India players signed a letter at midnight on Thursday telling their board they would not be playing the fifth Test at Old Trafford due to fears over covid, Telegraph Sport understands. After a day of frantic calls and meetings between the players, the BCCI and the ECB, the match was cancelled at the 11th hour on Friday with thousands of fans already in Manchester and heading to the ground. Senior India players met on Thursday night and despite rea
  15. Painter


    Read that, and did wonder... Now of course, we'll have the arguments about the result of the series? India withdrew from the last match, so should the forfeit it? Was it an act of the gods or were they terrified of the English collapse? I'm sure if a village Sunday 2nd XI couldn't field a team, even after ringing around the under 11s to see if they could play, they would forfeit the match. But of course, world rankings, and several million quid dont come into village cricket...
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