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  1. I just don't like it full stop, for me there's nothing better than a high gloss paint job on a desirable car, i certainly would never buy any car in matt paint.
  2. Don't like the matt paint but otherwise its brill.
  3. Saw em twice in the 80's at Wembley Arena, just brill, always a great night with 7K fans going crazy.
  4. What a beauty, thats gotta be at the top end for weight, well done. Is it a Mirror Carp ?
  5. Wifey and i get at least one good 5 hour session per week, i'm still a fat bastard but am very happy.......
  6. I would think thats a given and Thailand won't be the only country to introduce.
  7. Whats the problem ? just change to a marriage extension, that is providing you have a Thai wife lol
  8. Great pics TFP, everytime my son comes over with his mates they always head for KS, they love the place.
  9. Perhaps they've realised not all bikers are interested in a two wheel tractor lol My humble opinion.
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