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  1. Waiting outside Cardiff central library for my wife.She has an appointment to have her biometrics taken ( for the umpteenth time)and submit her evidence for her British Citizenship application.
  2. Great shame John, one of our favourite restaurants to visit when in Patts. Boy some of those Belgian beers packed a punch.
  3. Same as a Premier Inn we have recently stayed at for a week, notices everywhere that masks must be worn yet not one single member of staff wore one. It is now second nature for me to wear one because I work in a hospice and we must wear one everywhere all shift except obviously on your break. I give a member of staff a lift home most days and our masks remain on in the car even though we are both twice jabbed. I was in my local small Tesco store the other day, all staff are wearing masks but I counted ten customers in the store who were not behaving like responsible citizens and not a dicky bi
  4. Athletico Gazzio are up and running.
  5. Okay fellas it is now all set up for any one interested in joining our Football Fantasy Leagues for the coming season. For those of you who have never registered on the site before, that is the first thing you will need to do before you can access the Fantasy Leagues, it is very straight forward though. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Once registered on the site, you need to click on the Fantasy tab at the top of the page and following the rules register your 15 players that will make up your squad, you then need to give your team a name. Once you have your team sorted you need to c
  6. Up at 5.30 for work so cant indulge in a bevvy tonight.
  7. @krapow just in case you hadn`t heard Derek . My hometown club who play in league2 absolutely hammered Rangers today 1-0
  8. Our last night on Jersey and a very enjoyable meal at Dorans Courtyard Bistro. Wife had Scallops with panchetta and asparagus to start and a half lobster with salad and Jersey potatoes for main. I had bbq pork ribs and fillet steak with peppercorn and brandy sauce, pommes pont neuf and french beans for main. I managed to find some room for an Eton mess to finish. I had a couple of pints of IPA and the wife had a Mai Tai,we had a couple of Frangelico liquors each and the manager brought us a couple of Lemoncello on the house. Smashing night to finish our holiday.Back home to Cardiff in the morn
  9. Walked across the road for dinner at The Tenby pub and having a Beavertown IPA, a new one on me but a very nice drop.
  10. Cheers Ian, it has been rather cold for this time of the year.
  11. Pint of Camden IPA, sat in the sun at The Boathouse, St Aubins.
  12. It has been a real mixed bag so far, high winds last night.Sunny spells with scattered showers in the main.
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