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  1. Roast chicken and chips with Chinese curry sauce.
  2. I love that Jonathan Pye refers to Matt hancock as Matt Wanksock in his latest video
  3. Cardiff city going great guns under McCarthy,6wins, 4 away from home and 2 draws since he took the job. City are at Neil Warnocks Middlesborough on Saturday, should be fun 2 of Yorkshires finest on the touchline.
  4. This had me wanting to hop on the next plane to Spain
  5. 20210212_163054.mp4 20210212_163054.mp4 Chips smothered in a very spicy Larb Moo.
  6. RIP Mary, I went to see her live when I was 18 back in 1972 at the Grafton Rooms on West Derby Rd, Liverpool. Stood right at the front of the stage and got a peck on the cheek while she was singing My Guy. Also seen Johnny Nash at the same venue.
  7. Yep I remember that but he is not showing as Banned.
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