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  1. R.I.P the brilliant Jackie Mason https://news.sky.com/story/jackie-mason-stand-up-comedian-simpsons-star-and-former-rabbi-dies-aged-93-12363590
  2. True but still find it sad guys like that 34 year old in the US dying as he felt God would protect him- waste of a young life. Will be plenty more stories like this in the months to come. Hasn't sunk in with many of the unvaccinated just how nasty the Delta variant is. Even taking it to avoid long COVID in your 20's and 30's is worth it, many won't take it and spend months regretting it, for a minority it will be fatal.
  3. Damn was going to put the Long Gun but bagged twice already😀 Dynasty Inn- first hotel I ever stayed out in LOS in 2003, sat outside in awe, wondering where in the world I had landed. Mojo's on Soi 33, brilliant live band, stunning coyotes. There was no bf, but they were more than happy to go. 5 Star- bit left of field perhaps but in the 2000's had some great nights in there. It was old school, cold towel and peanuts with your beer. The live band were great fun(Jimmy Page joined in one night I'm reliably told), some of the customers that would get up and accompany them were brill
  4. PBG at sundown, early 2000's- ice cold beer Lao and some food, planning the nightly assault on WS. Best part of the day wondering what the evening would bring😎 Heaven Above- same time period, best atmosphere of any bar in it's heyday. Secrets during the Larry years. Was in there the night he knicked, ridiculous episode. After that the bar never hit those heights again, around that time Pattaya was starting a slow slide down, still fun but we'd passed peak Pattaya for me.
  5. Lemondropkid


    I've backed Oosthuizen ew at 33s, along with numerous others who haven't troubled the scorers. Can't say I'm confident reading this thread. Too small a bet to bother with laying any of it off, am resigned to him finishing second reading the above, at least there's the small place payout!
  6. The consensus view from Prof Whitty, Dr Harries et al, is COVID will continue to be a problem in the UK till the end of winter, so let's say March 2022!! It's a shame there's been so little analysis of the anti reopening argument. No one has pressed the proponents of staying in lockdown when they would actually open up. Deaths have dropped like a stone with vaccination (best not say fallen off a cliff). We've got to start treating COVID as being endemic and with us for the forseeable future in the UK that we just have to live with. The only independent coffee shop near me has g
  7. Well done🥳 I had to go down the court of protection route with my Mum a view year's back when her dementia really took over her life and ability to cope. Separately am now selling a property and boy is that dragging. Doing both together, now that's pain. Enjoy the G & T.
  8. I've been buying and selling shares since I was 19. Done very well out of it on the whole but been a few disasters on the way. Had shares in an Aussie copper miner that went most of the way to zero 😁 At the same time I was in an South African platinum miner and some tech stocks that turned into multi- baggers. As I've got older, like everyone I've got more conservative in my stock selection. I wouldn't rule out a a dabble in Crypto myself put would treat it as a pure gamble. As mentioned wouldn't want the money for buying and selling it coming out of my bank accounts.
  9. Well this guy didn't have much luck, but a Guardian reader so serves him right 😀 https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jul/26/sell-bitcoins-hsbc-block-account Joking aside it does raise other red flags on transparency, reliability and convertibility, as does this https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/investing/article-9118141/Coinbase-cryptocurrency-traders-continue-face-frozen-funds-weeks.html You could be a pioneer for the board Pump, and a put a small amount in and dabble. Wouldn't like to have the money coming from a bank account account to pay for them, I'd use paypal o
  10. Mostly agree with @Stillearly but would be pedantic, as I am and say crypto has already been a hugely profitable vehicle for some massive scams This article lists out the just the biggest 5 https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/5-of-the-biggest-crypto-ponzi-schemes Find it a fascinating field, but wouldn't touch it with a barge pole at present.
  11. Wow I turned off a 5 down, incredible.
  12. Welcome to the league Mr Dangle. It's a proud moment for us to have the respected Pattaya Farty Towels XI onboard. No false modesty about my FL performance. I was in mid table in the 247 league last year and similar I think the year before. Till reading your post I honestly had no idea mine was a decent score, more of a horse racing than a footie fan. Thanks though for enlightening me. I've met some of the guys above me in the league in person- had no idea I was in the presence of greatness
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