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  1. Hope you managed to catch the second half of the West Ham v Blue Mild Stripe ........ twas a cracker. To be fair you won the first half me old mate ......
  2. Cornish pasty with brown sauce, bag of crisps and some spicy balti crap from West Bromwich he'll sort you out mate.
  3. Like the old pub hours in the UK back in the 80s. What a dog's dinner the authorities are making of all this. Give a man a bit of power and a yellow hi-vis jacket and watch out ..... or a fancy general's hat !!!
  4. Been a bit busy and missed that bit about the ban being lifted .....! What are the opening hours now then ??
  5. It's what is called legal requirement Baz not just some please help me out here. Pensions are serious stuff and seriously regulated 2021 in the UK ........ apart from private sector 25% draw downs. Heartbreaking sometimes .......... advise Butch and ignore and advise again ,,,,,,,,,,,,, process mate.
  6. Tell them from now on you want to be known as Doris and you are reassigning you gender. Blonde wig, short skirt, high heels next day. They fire you sue them 2010 equalities act protected characteristics blah blah ,,,,,,,,, sue them again emotional trauma, mental health crisis, Doris is feeling like a trip to Beachy Head is in order. HR will come running lump sum, compromise agreement enhanced pension job done. Mine's a San Miguel Lite thanks mate .... 🍻
  7. Ermmmm no ..... in theory yes mate as being legally married should give you a lot of protection under Thai Law which is not as bad as some people make out ............. BUTTTTTTT !!! ............... it's the relatives should anything happen God forbid. Like vultures and will dig up the front garden if they can. Have you made a will ?? ...... don't have to reply on an open forum but .... useful to have in place.
  8. We'll have a whip round or what's that called Go Fund Me malarkey to buy him a mobility scooter. Now then John lad what's all this about racists in Yorkshire cricket ........ by eck ........... 2 John Smith's please barman ...
  9. I'll pop up around Christmas and we'll crack open a few in Korat and I'll sort you out. (If I can swerve all the restrictions swabs and suchlike). get you pissed and hand over all your PINs - Sort Codes - gateways ---- NOT really but do have a solution as I have thought all this one through me old mucker. Hope the flooding has subsided by now ..and Southampton should avoid the drop again somehow.
  10. Leeds forever ...you'll be eligible for that bus pass soon John. Many Happy days mate ..
  11. Pumps' Motorola is a collectors item and worth a few bob on Bay these days.
  12. Hi Steve ..... WTF !!! ..... Yorkshire cricket club involved in a big racism scandal in UK just now. If someone joined with a massive Sri Lankan Venkataraghavanji type name they always called him Steve. Worked well for a while now seen as racist. I'll just keep calling you Bitch.
  13. I used to be exactly the same. Have a brilliant memory for faces, places and pre Mr Google pub quizzes facts, languages etc. So learned all sorts of memory mastery skills and tricks like association and matching a name to an animal Beverly the Badger --Stan the Sloth ---- Peter the Porcupine ...I learned to ask people to repeat their names so it would sink in and learned the old Greek philosophers memory tricks of journeys and place names, Trouble is ............ Made feck all difference any of it after years of trying still crap ..... and now just say Hi to everyone.
  14. What are you going to do to liven it up Bitch. Wear your tightest Detroit Tigers shorts, bring some of them dongs I brought you over the years and Hua Him will be jumping trust me bro. Love ya blu !!!
  15. Easy Brigitte Bardot back in the day ............ few filthy minded BMs might go for the more mature version filthy swine but whatever rocks your bateau chaps ....
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