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  1. does anyone else find they cannot focus on and watch a movie...i carnt...?
  2. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ USA no 21 re tests per mill and climbing ...but all the rest are very small countries with logistical advantages...except Russia which the Dems believe of course..lol
  3. rolleyes ...its not new ..studies with flu within a household shows masks reduce transmission rates by 75% years ago !! It was politically expedient to say there were not necessary(they didnt have enough),then a forgetful lapse(they didnt have enough ),now they have the evidence lol Face coverings(not masks) are pretty much useless ...I wouldnt bother..they get so wet from exhaled breath (H20) the material becomes super porous
  4. Uk 4th after Belgium , San Marino and Andorra in terms deaths per million population...better analogy would be "the likes of the UK" Usa 11th https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  5. 🤣 in the abscence of a vaccine...no bloody way,,,1 person from melbourne has just infected 34 people in NSW some directly ,some via a second party...a superspreader...huge viral load apparently in his swabs..to spread to others while he was feeling relatively ok...a truckie apparently this thing is so bloody infectious to other people. its rabidly promiscous ..hence masks ,hand washing and social distancing are absolutely required
  6. I tick the boxes...lots of us in business ..like most successful genes ,their survival confers an evolutionary advantage which we currently dont readily understand. The "selfish gene"
  7. Ha Ha ..ancient spoken wisdom then embedded in our ancient literature of discerning right from wrong ,good from bad then translated into the majesty of English Common Law ,through which the Western Hemisphere Civilisations made leaps so great in their knowledge that led us into the Enlightenment and all the great stuff that you have today..like nasal/ear hair removers and online BBC 🤣
  8. There is a site which maps all the vaccines and their progress ,unfortunately I cannot find the link atm ...perhaps another boardie knows...i got it off a medcram video
  9. As I said further up the thread this is a metabolic disease primarily wrt mortality,obesity(metabolic syndrome)u ,cv disease,diabetes,kidney disease etc...medcram covers this brilliantly btw...its easy to digest.. I would strongly recommend the medcram site
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