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  1. I have been doing much sitting around whilst on this period of self isolation including much gazing out of the large "picture" window in the front of the condo. Being Scotland you see all four seasons pass by in a day. One minute, not a cloud in the sky then 30 minutes later you cannot see the sky for the clouds that have rolled in. I am fascinated by the multitude of very different birds I see up in the sky. The only ones I definitely recognize are the gulls and the two crows that scared the shite out of me as they landed on the rail immediately above the window. They are big Mother
  2. Apparently the wife's Mother went along to the Hospital yesterday to keep her appointment for her second vaccination. She must be aged in her high 60's. When she arrived she was told "Sorry but hospital has run out of vaccine." The nurse told Sai that there had been a separate allocation of vaccine for "special" individuals coming along without an appointment.
  3. My daughters received a full refund from their cancelled Emirates flight in under a week. They have spent the 2,000 pounds refunded plus no doubt considerably more in kitting out the condo they found for me. They refused to accept any funds from me but I sent some anyway. I feel like the "Prodigal Father." ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. It is expected that my trip will be .......................protracted.
  5. I remember when making a trip was so simple. You decided where to go then went on the internet to find a flight; booked it; paid for it and printed off you e-ticket. Job done in less than 30 minutes. The following is the saga of my trip to the UK which I made infinitely more complicated by my bouts of paranoia.๐Ÿ™‚ On the 15th May Scotland finally joined the rest of the UK and adopted the โ€œtraffic lightโ€ system of classifying countries for travel purposes. My daughters had by then given up on attempting to visit me in Thailand however for the first time for some 18 months or so I could
  6. All the hassle I went through to get internet today and Scotland go and lose! ๐Ÿ™‚ Me old Grannie "Annie" was a Scot but I will be cheering on England on Friday.
  7. There is a real proper Scottish pub ( does great food apparently) less than a five minute walk down the hill from the "condo." So looking forward to a pint of Deuchar's IPA. ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. Day 4 of my 10 day self isolation in Scotland. Completed the first of my two covid tests and the result came back clear. No internet as Sky broadband will not come round to install until I have completed the isolation period. So tried out today BT's wifi hotspot just for one day to see if it worked okay. Fortunately it did which means so is my Minix box and I have TV and thus can watch Scotland in the footy this afternoon. I will subscribe to their 5 day package which will take me almost up to when they will be installing the full internet etc. There is "Drop In" vaccination cen
  9. Thank you. I have changed my flight twice and I must say both KLM call centers I dealt with were excellent. I thought they might charge me the second time but no problem. You cannot book Emirates because then you transit in Dubai (red list) which means full quarantine when you reach the UK. That is what I am rushing to avoid as Thailand must be on the brink of going red. A bit chaotic at Memorial Hospital today. I think they may be a little under staffed. Result 6pm tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  10. That link tipped me from reasonably optimistic to a complete nervous wreck. Had a devil of a job getting through to a KLM call center on Saturday but finally spoke to an extremely helpfull lady in their Service center somewhere in the UK. I now fly on Wednesday of this week. All I have to do now is get through my Covid test today. Don't feel like breakfast. Lost my appetite! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  11. I remember two such incidents. First night of a return trip. Taxi to the Residence Gardens , quick shower and changed into best shagging gear. Baht bus to the short journey to Walking Street. Silence and very dark. I had arrived the night of a Buddha, no alcohol holiday. f**k, piss, bollocks etc etc! "Welcome" comes stage whispered from the deep shadows. One bar still open selling booze in coffee mugs. Several hours later I am pissed as a fart and have b/fined one of the girls in the subdued lighting. Back to the Residence Gardens where I can see my new friend pro
  12. I had so many sand bags to stop the October flood water getting into the House in Bangsaray I renamed it "Rorke's Drift." They have just finished putting in a whole new line of very large drains which hopefully will make the late rainy season flooding a thing of the past.
  13. I have rebooked for the 19th June, two weeks tomorrow.
  14. Nobody was more pleased to be wrong than me. I cannot take the chance that Thailand's covid case count stays high and they get placed in the Red category in UK's next review in just 3 weeks.
  15. There was a great deal of speculation that Thailand would be added to the Red list today. I had already drafted my grovelling letter to the Scottish Managed Quarantine department re poor Scottish pensioner ( well me Grannie was a Scot) unable to pay the 1,750 beer vouchers required for the Quarantine Hotel. I think Thailand missed being on the Red list by a cats whisker. Next review is in 3 weeks so tomorrow I am going to bring forward my flight by a couple of weeks.
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