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  1. If my 17 years extensive experience in Thailand and other parts of SE Asia is typical I would say the risk is negligible. I did once have to display my red and itchy dick to Dr. Oliver in Pattaya but he diagnosed it as a yeast infection and told me to dry well after showers and only to wear loose boxer shorts . He then charged me 600 baht for a 40 baht tube of canestan cream. There was one other occasion when after sending the previous nights plat de jour on her way I went into the bathroom and discovered my lips had turned bright purple. I shit a proverbial brick and the same
  2. I bet you wear a condom when getting a blow job. 🤣
  3. Far, far too easy which is why I am back on my low carb diet. 🤣 If one puts to the side the previous covid restrictions ( now virtually all lifted) which resulted in continuing appointment backlogs in a number of areas it is great to be living in a country where unrestricted day to day living is the norm once again. It is the small things like leaving my condo/apartment/flat and walking 2 minutes down the hill to a real proper pub that sells real proper beer in a straight pint glass. How that quite fits in with my return to the diet is under review.
  4. I can categorically deny ever having had a sexual relationship with any street corner hooker cheap or otherwise.
  5. There are two things I really believe that cannot be bettered when experienced live and in person. The first is listening to live music and the second is the whole deal involved in supporting your local football team. I will always be a "Gooner" but some of my best moments in footy has been the sheer tribal experience of a Hearts/Hibs Edinburgh derby. After gap of 15 years I was back on Sunday in my seat in the Wheatfield stand at Hearts Tynecastle. But first, ther
  6. Except..............When you return after a long absence signing on at a Medical Practice comes first which is time consuming and somewhat protracted as they don't want you to visit them in person in case you infect their Reception triage ogre. Except.................You cannot obtain a prescription without first being vetted by a doctor. Except................The doctors are not seeing ANY of their "customers" at the practice. So you have to book a telephone consultation with the doctor. Except..............That has to be done with the said Reception triage ogre who is horrif
  7. Maybe the site will be replaced by a Chinese laundry?
  8. Tottenham top of the EPL and Arsenal bottom is enough of a disaster for me.
  9. Watching the golf at Wentworth on the box and the rain pissing down through the lounge window. It was 24c yesterday and sunny. Today it is 15c at 10:25am TiS This is Scotland
  10. I knew Callum for some 15 years. First met him in the FLB Bar where we enjoyed a drink together and swapped stories and at least one of their girls. 😄 He became my friend, golfing buddy and for years we would all meet up at "The Top Table" in Secrets most weekends. He was great company and very entertaining. He fought the cancer and even when he needed the assistance of portable oxygen he still managed to meet up for that curry. He enjoyed life to the full and will be missed by all that had been privileged to know him. RiP mate.
  11. Further observations about getting used to life back in the UK ( well Scotland still is until Indy2....3...23....32...?) There are waiting lists for absolutely everything from Doctor/dentist/opticians appointments down to just getting a haircut. I asked my daughter to phone her local hairdresser where I had my haircut a couple of months ago. First appointment for me is 11.30am, a week on Friday. It will cost me 12 UK beer vouchers for the "stylist" waving a hedge trimmer at me for 8 minutes like the last time although I do admit I liked the end result. That prompted my daughter
  12. On a roll with my pre-England footy TV dinners. Last night Scottish lamb chops with minted mushy peas. 😄
  13. Well I have enjoyed watching it so far. Assuming the size of the interior of the nuclear sub is reasonably accurate it is like a 5* hotel compared with the sub in Das Boot. I had no idea they are so large. I was once a guest for the day on The Kennedy Aircraft carrier and that was enormous.
  14. I think that contains more carbs than I am supposed to eat in a week. 🤣
  15. Inspired by Boydeste's wonderful looking ribeye steak I went shopping this morning to our local real Scottish butcher and treated myself. Used my new "airfryer" for a change and well pleased with the result.
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