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  1. Usually I like to have my trips planned out but this time I've been spending a few days in a city and then going to the bus station or the train station and looking at the departure board and picking the next stop. It's a great way to do it and as I've said before I really really like train and bus travel cuz I want to see everything in between stops. I decided to take a couple of weeks and do this because it's just as cheap as staying home I've yet to pay more than 450 a night for a room. The rooms I've stayed in all have had very good Wi-Fi air conditioning flat screen TV a kettle and a refrigerator I really don't need anything else the beds have all them comfortable here's a bunch of photos from kanchanaburi
  2. I have made many trips here but for some reason never got out to Soi 94. There's a beer bar complex that I got photos of here called Wonderland just past the train tracks. Looks like it would be a fun place in normal times many other restaurants massage parlors and other venues out this way as well
  3. Getting things packed for another road trip
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