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  1. Washington still failed to cover they were minus 4
  2. Not really owned 2 condos in the 18 years have zero problems or issues Condos never bothered with. Not had any problems with any others that live here when I was riding Motorbike and had 2 never were they bothered with. I am and have been very happy here many don't like to mention living here as it is a lower end complex. It is also a very friendly affordable place. I have no one to impress my happiness is what matters to me and I am happy. The best part or one of the best things about being here is there is anything you could want on site here. Mini marts , Laundrys, Bars, Barbers,
  3. I've been here almost 18 years no flooding at all within the complex maybe they're built it right or got lucky. Because just outside the front gate it floods badly
  4. Watching the Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers baseball game
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