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  1. 17000 + Already this year thats just unreturned ones entered into system,fs french police not only watch them leave for the uk on their banana boats they also supppy them with hi viz vests ! The uk give few milion every year to france to stop this, big corruption big pockets.
  2. looks like that massive hotel centara grand on naklua beach front loads o russians used to stay there ?
  3. Sam roi yod park yesterday,planned to go up to the viewpoint but another illogical covid stupid ass rule from p khiri khan governors,closed as was caves,but keep the 100s flooding the morning and late afternoon markets...never mind still a truly scenic drive through the park and some drone shots.
  4. Almost 10,000 today,must be so many 1000s of thai s avoiding the test,well its the weekend again in hua hin so more room lights in the hilton will be on,food courts in both malls will be full,maybe they will stay longer this time,plenty of time to organise their breaks, new restrictions start 12 th july 😂 Its been interesting reading online about the amount of ex pats here who registered only to be told come back next time,or november,what a shambles.
  5. That will help bring the numbers down,where do they get these clowns from,well least its not a lockdown.
  6. It depends how good the happy ending was 😂,,id chose 5 but not guinness can only drink about 2 of them, then it feels like need to drink nips rest of the night.
  7. Good to hear you are finally getting back to see your family,after emirates cancelled my flight 2nd june,today they told me they start flying to heathrow and manchester next week,but im thinking ill book also with klm,let us know how the journey goes and best of luck with the dreaded test.
  8. When I hear.... the sound of concrete and steel I sense a rythm, that science can't feel I feel the beat.... of our hearts as one I hold your colour, when my vision is gone This power is something but the force is blind Transmitted through a network, of your own kind As minutes tick away.... and days become years I know this old feeling, it's a substance in my tears
  9. They tested and discovered another 100 + pos cases at a pineapple factory outside hua hin,it has been closed for 14 days,mostly burmese so the thais living near the area were kicking up a stink yesterday,well they got it closed now.
  10. Common sense and logic is missing from some mail delivery people it seems,sorry to hear about yer policy hope you can get it printed off,i was waiting on a box of razor blades from lazada a couple of days ago,kerry delivery person called me to make sure i was in,handed the phone to my girl she said "lady check if you in",ok we wait another hour....no sign,so we go out,i give money to reception manager,tell her give money to kerry delivery when package comes,....4 hours later from the 1st call ! kerry delivery called me again when they were outside apartment,missed call,we wasnt in off course but they didnt think to go in and hand it to reception ! jeezo.Got the package following day.
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