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  1. Khun Egg. I told you not to bang his best lady 555 f**k him if he couldn't take a joke regards grayray
  2. another Guy Ritchie gangstar movie not bad
  3. NOT the ear,555 injoke from the 90s,when a girl claimed she was a cherry "in the ear maybe"was the call.
  4. that's is how I remember it,but that was back in the days when all the bars had front doors. shit get a few mates in with ya and it was party time all day,some of things I saw and I got up to would get you locked up now days my send off after 8mths in Pattaya the girls climbed up on the bar,slowly removed their knickers and squatted down to give me feel and look,i was walking around all arvo with bunch of panties on my head. plenty of action on the lounges and the bar,not many retired upstairs,can't remember the name of the bar,it was the first on the right as you walk down the
  5. seen on tv here the average age for the virus deaths in UK is 82.6 the average for all deaths is 81.5. here in OZ its 85 while life expectancy is 82,NO government will admit that they got it wrong,all they needed was the socalled "experts" who come out of the woodwork,like here in OZ and said there would be up to 150000 deaths,and the hospitals would be snow under by cases.only they was wrong,f**k the socalled modelling. here in OZ it never happen we have had 850+ deaths with 99% only mild. the lives that have been ruined by this Wuhan Virus will never be able to comeback.busine
  6. we had a few like that back in the 60/70/80s all around the wharves but now either closed or the yuppies have taken over,no concrete covered construction lads at the bar anymore. talking of beer, the 2 worse beer I ever tasted ,1 a pommy beer "Newcastle brown" and 1 aussie "Cairns beer" even though Resch's is close to them all shit. I love Black beer,"Carlton Black" or Tooheys Black. but my drink of choice is "Bundy Rum and coke or straight rum with a drop of beer.the only trouble is that it now makes me fall over too often,so I've binned it well after the next session.
  7. coxy, one of Tinks great ones "reader's definition: Work - accomplished by those employees who have not reached their level of incompetence." I loved reading his page back in the 90s. R.I.P. "Tink"
  8. Code. I know.i know and as I told before,playing away from is not the same as you have at home, you just not let the away game interfee in the home. one's forever and one's just a playtime. sometimes joe ya just too honest regards grayray
  9. Code, I can fixed that for you,i will slap ya up the side of the head each night before you take me dancing 555 cause I could geld you but beach girl would return the favour regards grayray
  10. joe, our supermarkets here would not pack as they ring up items,just swipe and move them on,that lasted about 2/3mths now back to normal.except in the self service lanes they cut down the cash machines from 7 to 2.
  11. the biggest supermarkets in my area do not have plastic bags anymore[good riddance]but you can buy 99c for hessian/canvas bags,i have a dozen or so,i keep forgetting to bring. hate the amount of plastic there is in the worlds waterways,especially around asia.
  12. same,same said by nazi propaganda minster Goebbels
  13. wouldn't it be if the more you test,the more you will find people with the virus. I saw the charts on 2nd wave in UK and France which showed the number of new cases rising higher than the first wave,but very much less deaths. but the goverments of both countries are pushing the new cases numbers so they can bring in more rules and lockdowns. iam starting to more to Thai spices thoughts on the virus. f**k it iam on deaths doorstep anyway,put I want a peaceful death ,you know go to sleep and not wake up.
  14. what is more important more ,new cases or new deaths ? I see Wisconsin + 2020 new cases and only 18 deaths
  15. has the rate of deaths gone up?surely the deaths are the most important numbers?
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