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  1. 274,877,906,944 Billion times 1,099,511,627,776 Trillion times
  2. Everyone on Earth is a asymptomatic corona carrier....Because EVERYONE has coronavirus fragments... Kary Mullis who invented the PCR test said...If the PCR test is turned up enough, you can find anything in anybody, If the PCR test is turned down enough, you can not find anything in anybody.... Is this so bloody hard to understand... They NEVER NEVER publish what cycles these PCR test are run at WHY NOT..........................Corona must just make people stupid...
  3. Most people ( except the antivaxers) HAVE complied with most all of it.....And yet the whole covid thing just keeps on rolling....One day the light will come on for you....
  4. Just rules and laws should be followed....Basicly the 10 commandments.......I don't think wearing a mask was one of the 10 commandments.....
  5. Not good enough..... You will have to take it up with Starshine if your a anti-vaxer or not... I say....You know is getting bad when certain posters here are agreeing something might very well be rotten with all of this.... Starshine says ,,,,Yep, the antivaxers....rotten to the core.
  6. Ok since when were forcebwithu Lazarus and galenkia anti-vaxers?
  7. You know is getting bad when certain posters here are agreeing something might very well be rotten with all of this....
  8. Exactly....And most pandemics last about 2 years.....This one should be over......But God only knows how long this one will last as drunk on power as they are.....They being the usual suspects...
  9. Fantastic Post by Mr. Smooth I hope all you guys read this one.... Mr.Smooth did not even mention Conspiacys just common sense...... The world wide destruction of nightlife has been going on for decades.....Pattaya has been glaring holdout for a very long time,but Mr Smooth is right it could very well be finished....
  10. Well I have no doubt masks do work very well to stop tooth dust when drilling teeth.....And for surgeons to not get blood in their mouth.......But even the mask makers say masks don't work for viruses...
  11. I like Mr Smooth, even though he has been vaxed he does not hide behind it and he is still willing to call a spade a spade to some of this covid madness.........
  12. If vaxed wear masks then I guess the masks are here to stay forever, because corona will be here forever...
  13. Hey if anyone has noticed the freedoms for the vaxed seem to be not forthcoming very fast for the vaxed also.......In many places..
  14. How about a sign saying.....The only business open on walking street ( except for the pot shop)
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