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  1. Your fav. Looks like you found yourself in a good place.
  2. I have to admit... It was a large pack. Six giant breast pieces in the pack. I rarely buy big packs like that, but couldn't resist this time. Used 3 in the crock pot (I will get at least 5 meals out of it). The 3 others will be used later in a different fry up. Cheers !
  3. Inspired by Chef Boydeste...... Crock Pot chicken in mushroom soup. So... I came across a nice deal on chicken breast (skinless, boneless - $1.79/pound) at my local Harris Teeter (actually there are three of them within a 5 minute drive). I cut up and threw 3 of the breast into the crock - Added: 3 cans of Progresso chicken, mushroom barley soup 1 pint of fresh mushrooms A handful of grape tomatoes 1 cut up green pepper 2 bay leaves, various spices, salt and pepper let simmer in the crock pot for 6 hours --- Wa la - served with brown rice
  4. This is on my bucket list. I figure within another 3 to 4 years I will have it checked off.
  5. The long tumble down......
  6. I always do a Whopper at the airports for some reason... Best of luck to you on the rest of your journey mate !
  7. Great report Yes.... Looks like Santa shaved off his beard. 5555555
  8. He warned that anyone making false threats will be apprehended. "If you make a threat, we're going to investigate it even if it's not credible and even if you don't plan the carry it out. And if we find you — and we will find you — we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law, and one of the possible penalties is up to 20 years. So it's not funny. It's not a way to get out of school. It's a crime. And you're hurting an already struggling community," he said. source: https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/oxford-school-shooting-michigan-12-04-21/index.html Very f***d up. Just one more example of how this country is in the pits.
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