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  1. Delete me immediately with immediate effect. Am not joking. I am now logging out. Thanks for accepting me into that VIP section months ago.
  2. Mum and Aunty own two chalets in the South Hams overlooking Plymouth Sound As kids in the 60's and 70's we'd spend all spring and summer over there literally 200 metres from the beaches but as we got older it was just the occasional weekends. Last spring/summer because of Covid I stayed there for 6 months in mums and I'd forgotten how brilliant it is. Even if Thailand eventually opens I will only be going autumn/winter in the future Contrast in photo on a hot day compared to a wet and windy one !!
  3. Always remember when for the first time using Oman on London Bangkok was arriving outside the old terminal and thinking it was like a quaint Greek airport
  4. Do you need a specific visa or is it somewhat more relaxed than Thailand on new accounts...??
  5. Ah I saw that Bosch scrolling through before. Will watch that thanks
  6. Looks like it is unfortunately
  7. For me the lol moment (and I wont spoil it) is when Leo is using the car to drive around London a very high value client looking for a particular "style" of Girl What then gets in the car after an extensive search had me rolling around.......
  8. Certainly not a family film lol but I nearly skipped by it for the same reason of no known names starring in it...
  9. Watched this film over Christmas the story of "Leo" a poor student who gets involved in the murky world of high class hookers and drugs in London What a cracking little film one of the best I've seen for a long time and it didnt have the ending that I expected at all I watched it on Amazon Prime but am sure its on multiple platforms Highly recommended because of subject matter we all know about... 9/10 Edited in screenshot as quite a few films of same title
  10. Yes agree and whilst Foreign Currency Reserves continue to accumulate at record levels despite no tourism I can see it going even higher to 28.5 The thais are making very clear noises that they dont exactly need tourists anymore and will be very selective in the future
  11. I'd imagine over the coming weeks Sterling will move into the $1.40's assuming the deal is ratified at both ends of which there is little doubt
  12. ^^^ Whatever happens with Brexit by tomorrow that 39.58 will be wildly different Monday morning either up or down (unless Boris kicks the can down the road again) If its no deal hard to tell how low it could go but a deal achieved will have the same result in the opposite direction
  13. Dollar sub 30 says it all God forbid if Johnson goes no deal as $1.15 is the expected outcome possibly lower which puts Sterling/Baht at 34.5 interbank so probably around 34.30 at the Yellow TTs Never mind Covid no Brits will continue at that level
  14. Has to be this one from Joe Dolce which unbelievably stopped Ultravox from getting to number 1 with "Vienna"
  15. Certainly I will have it at the earliest opportunity
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