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  1. I met two guys like that at the weekend.
  2. Spending so much time lakeside, I sometimes take for granted the amount of birds we have around here. The larger birds that I usually see ''floating around'' are either Red Kites or Buzzards. Scotland however does have others and that includes the white tailed eagle which is massive.
  3. My final pic from the visit is of the payment. Not a cheap day, but totally worth it.
  4. 5555555 My biggest plates are in the dishwasher and I over cooked the gravy a tad.
  5. Leg of lamb cooked in the slow cooker with buttered mash and onion gravy. Mint sauce made it complete.
  6. Off the pop mid week again, drinking Rosie lee.
  7. Having over indulged as you know you will, that walk home up that hill ain't going to be 5 minutes methinks!
  8. Welcome home, sounds like you are planning a long stay!
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