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  1. Yup, a bar right around the corner from my hotel. It was very good too!
  2. Dropped off to sleep , just woke up and checked my emails, covid test came back after 10 hours with negative result. Unless I get pinged for close contact on the plane, I am free.
  3. The drinking wasn't an issue, my priority having travelled for 24 hours with no sleep was to put my head down somewhere comfortable. I know some of the lads paid to get into a lounge, but they got kicked out after 6 hours.
  4. That's not something I considered, do they have facilities to sleep in there?
  5. Patients dear chap. I type slowly on my phone. Lol.
  6. Just to update, the flight from Doha to Phuket took off on time and landed slightly early. The system they have in place at Phuket is very well organised and efficient. Nothing was said about me being a day late, also they accepted my proof of payment for the PCR test, so no extra cost. A small wait for the taxi as I was at the front of the plane, so whizzed through. Now lying on my bed in my room waiting for the test result. They said it would be less than 6 hours, so hopefully I will experience Bangla Rd for the first time tonight.
  7. Really, that's interesting and a new one on me. Thanks for the info.
  8. Double Whopper meal at Doha Airport, courtesy of Qatar Airways.
  9. Thanks, before I had lounge access at Swampy, I always had a double Whopper meal to set me up for the flight home.
  10. I Don't know mate, so am rocking up at the airport to find out. If I have to pay again, then so be it. The hotel is aware and have changed my arrival date, also I have just booked another taxi.
  11. They were checking in two flights at the same time, guessing 500 plus people and the bag drop for online check in wasn't opened. The time it was taking for each person was ridiculous, I timed several at 12 to 15 minutes per passenger. My checking took around 3 minutes, but I had all paperwork at hand in a folder. As she asked for each, I passed it over, few seconds looking, then the next and so on. Nice and smooth, but I was 4.5 hours getting to the desk. I had arrived nearly 4 hours early too! So I got checked in after the plane was due to leave. The crazy thing was that the people on the flight before us at 1400 were mixed in with us. Several behind me in the queue were telling staff they on 1400 flight, but all fell on deaf ears.
  12. 8 hours of bliss later and I am up and looking for food. The airport is very smart, so I started to take a few pictures of the shops, when security came running over to bollock me. I said they look so nice, what is the problem with a picture? The reply was a stern "YOU CANNOT SIR". OK, BIG smile, sorry and off quickly. Entering the food court I was delighted to see a Burger King, all of the other food was alien to me and looked gross. Even better when told my food credit could be used. A Double Big Whopper meal it is then.
  13. Well, we arrived late into Doha as expected and missed the connection. Qatar staff separated us and those on Phuket flight were given a new boarding pass for the same flight the following day. That's a 22ish hour wait in the departure lounge. We were instructed not to go through immigration and any problems would be sorted by customer service. As you can imagine the queue at CS was long and angry. Security was called to deal with some overly irate passengers. Eventually we got our turn and were told we would have to sleep wherever we could lie down in departure lounge. No hotel available for us. We did get a food allocation added to our boarding pass to be used in the food court. By this time it was 5am, I decided to have a few beers to finish me off and then to make a bed on the floor. 4 others joined me in the bar. One of the lads had found an onsite sleep pod place, but was told it was full. 12.66 a pint of Bud is a bit stiff, but a very welcome wind down. 3 pints later and its 830am and I can hardly keep my eyes open. On the off-chance I checked on available of the pods because you rent them by the hour. Fortunately one was free, so I hired it for 8 hours. £100 well spent. Good night.
  14. 5555555 The guy has just wheeled his bags back to complain there is no room for them. The stewardesses are so patient, if it wasn't going to delay us even more I hope they stick them in the hold.
  15. Amazing how much hand luggage people seem to get away with bringing on. Guy just went by with 2 double stacked wheely bags. No idea where he will fit them in as they have been taking cases to business class to store already.
  16. We are 3 hours late already and still people coming on.
  17. Reminds me why I always fly direct. But I had to transit to fly into Phuket. Will I ever make it, who knows. Lol
  18. It's crazy, 5.5 hours now from joining the check in, I am on the plane. Air stewardess just told me they wait, so probably another couple of hours on the tarmac.
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