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  1. Butch


    Behind a paywall, any other link?
  2. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. currently trying to hold 2 frozen bags of peas because I knocked a frying pan full of hot oil with my elbow and tried to catch it with my hands... No blistering yet, it's handy to have a wife who's a quack!. What a prat I am. Edit in: What a total prat I am with first degree burns...:( typing with the end of a pencil now lol
  3. It figures, although my memory is hazy, 94 / 95 /96 are the years I'm thinking of. Happy days indeed. That part of town was still fairly sparsely populated, I also would have a few beers in the Naklua bars which were largely German or Swiss then work my way back.
  4. You're spot on, I'd happily swap a dinghy full of illegal immigrants who are eager and keen to work for any given bunch of English layabouts living on benefits all their lives. I don't think it would do a family of scroungers any harm to spend a week facing some real hardships. I think a lot of it is people perceive the balance to be skewed, and they think that all migrants are coming here for benefits. They're not, a sizeable chunk are actually coming to work, although the UK gives them a headstart they never had in their own Country. I work alongside a few Eastern European guys and really can't fault their work ethic at all. We have a couple of guys from the ME, one from Iraq and one from Afghanistan and again, great couple of guys who bear no malice or anger towards the UK or British people for the events that happened in their own Countries. I think that in itself takes a fair bit of kindness. However, saying that I don't think the way some of them behave is going to go any way further to ingratiate themselves with the general public, but as you said and I totally agree, looking at how many of us act abroad we can hardly start throwing stones.
  5. Butch

    More Oops....

    Ooof. Someone will have a bit of explaining to do.
  6. I don't, however, appreciate the contribution immigrants make to draining the NHS (Everyone is afraid to say the true numbers for fear of being branded racist) , our schools and Social welfare costs, low level street crime and violence. My Mrs is indeed an immigrant who came here to work and contribute and as a means to an end. Even she gets pissy when she sees, which she witnessed, families of Romanians visiting a sick relative and also at the same time attempting to steal other patients' belongings. Working immigrants, yes, even those with different or lower skillsets, but sponging scumbags who are here as economic migrants purely to take advantage of our fair society and refuse to contribute back into it, can f**k right off home. This whole "cultural enrichment" thing has not been managed or handled correctly by any of the UK Govts, be they labour or otherwise, although Labour are primarily responsible for the mess, notably that war criminal Tony Bliar who said "we want a multicultural society" yet failed to ask anyonje if they felt the same. Anyway, Tesco's was sold out of Ambrosia custard would you believe, and those shysters at Walkers have reduced their multi-packs of crisps from 24 down to 22 but still kept them at the same price. Splitters.
  7. Derek the only gaff I can recall in that area is an open fronted bar which was something to do with the Massage place behind it (on the Beach Road end). You could pick the girl from the bar and get a soapy massage upstairs , but the entrance was actually through the bar at the back. It was a much cheaper option than the Sabai soapies back then, but buggered if I can recall the name. There were only a few bars dotted along that end of town on Beach road , one I also recall was glass a fronted affair near to where the Gullivers is now.
  8. Christ! He managed to push through the metal railings, would have liked to have seen the rescue effort lol.
  9. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Similar thing happens to my Mrs occasionally, she will be asked if she's Thai or Chinese, it doesn't bother her at all. I also meant to add (to clear up any confusion) that my Dad was surprised at the Veterans being asked to stand up and receive and applause because that never, ever happens in the UK. We sadly (and after visiting the USA. embarrassingly for us in the UK) don't respect our Veterans here in the same was as the USA does, hence he couldn't really work out what was going on. The silly sod thought that by standing up he might be volunteering for something!.
  10. I think there needs to be some criteria met before they allow people to monetize, possibly over 1k subs and a certain number of viewing hours. I think that a YT Vlogger in Thailand (Nick Dean of NDTVi) said his YT income covers his health insurance and not much more. There's also the copyright issue, if you're making a vid and it has copyrighted music on it by, say Lady GaGa, then the Music company can make a claim and get all the revenue from that Vid (I think that's how it works but not 100% sure).
  11. Just got back from a day trip to London with the Mrs as she had a meeting. I went to the Imperial War Museum to have a look, they also have a Holocaust Exhibit which is very interesting and very moving indeed. If anyone happens to get the chance, I highly recommend it. Free entry and go to the info desk for a ticket for the Exhibit which is on the second floor and free as wel (but a ticket is needed for entry) .
  12. Either way, the bars from 2011 bring back some memories, and it's interesting to see how unpopulated LK Metro was back then.
  13. Awesome report and great pics Mr Yessongs. Lucky for a few guys you're so chilled out about them hitting on your Mrs and you're a relaxed and confident kind of fella, and I guess it happens so often you're used to it, but what's she like about women hitting on you?. Chilled out as well I reckon, you've got a great, very strong and wonderful relationship. I went to a pre arranged fight once, and believe it or not it ended up in an Ice Hockey match !!. I love sporting events in the USA, always flat out and the supporters are very passionate. Very respectful the way they treat and honour their Veterans. I remember during our last trip to the USA telling my Dad (25 Years Royal Marines 42 Commando 25 Years Sultanate of Oman to stand up, but he refused to. He couldn't understand what or why Veterans were being respected so much.
  14. To be honest the only person these days I let cut my hair is myself, with clippers and then get the wife to sort out the back. Although the thought of visiting and having such a pleasant time with such an attractive lady doing the haircut and patronising the establishment is very tempting, the problem is that if my hair is cut too short then I end up looking as if I've got the worlds oddest shaped head along with resembling Mr Spock on a bad hair day. Either way, if she asked "something for the weekend?" I'd be opening my wallet and enquiring what the barfine was. Reminds me of a mate who was in the Paras, he joined up and had this epic mullet on him, I mean really good, long, flowing and well cared for, conditioned every night and combed through every morning. Now, the Barber at Aldershot back then was known as "Harry The Bastard" - who, by all accounts, couldn't help himself but comment on my mate "Boovies" splendid, luxuriant, satiny smooth and lush hair before shaving it all off and pissing himself laughing.
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