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  1. Spoke to tilac up in Chaiyaphum yesterday. She wanted to show off her nice new car that she's bought with a hefty bank loan. She was planning on coming back to Patts soon to find someone to "subsidise" her repayments. (I think she was hoping I'd be back next month as usual in Sept to "help out".) She had absolutely no idea that foreign tourists are not allowed into Thailand at the moment or for the forseeable future. That might create a bit of a financial problem for her!! It seems that people up there in darkest Issan are out of touch with the rest of Thailand and just believe that everyt
  2. Hello all. Yet another refugee (on Jambo's instruction) from Secrets. Great to see so many of the (more sensible) familiar names here. And that some of the enlightening threads have also migrated across (Evil's food, JL's pictures etc). So far it all looks good and friendly and without the bickering that plagued the other side in recent times. I'll probably still be more of a lurker than a prolific poster but ....who knows!! Trip number 35 coming up soon. 30 sleeps to wheels up - hooray. But also birthday number 70 - booo. (But I'm sure I'll find someone to "take care me" on
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