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  1. I’ve just transferred £700 using transfer wise from uk account to thai account Hello We’ve just received your money. That was 16.00 hours today Hello 27,972.74 THB is on its way to you. The GBP to THB rate was 40.3851. The fee was 7.35 GBP. that was 16.50 hours today that it landed in my thai account 50 minutes transfer time 😁 ive used them a few times so far excellent
  2. Ais have got a shop in terminal 21 and also got a smallish booth on the 2nd or 3rd floor of tukcom right by the stairs
  3. The old best friends beer bar complex on beach road nice size plot
  4. Yep it was proper can’t stand them hot dog things I don’t like big platefuls of food so hit the spot for me
  5. About 16 hours later here’s mad midday queue at swampy but not too bad all done and in the taxi within 60 minutes
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