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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-the-three-days-in-april-that-may-have-fuelled-uk-outbreak-of-indian-coronavirus-variant-12306393
  2. Back home after a few very nice pints & even the sun was on our side(& not the awful rag).
  3. Waiting for my mate to arrive before we go to the pub😁
  4. Missus made some sweets again,bloody delicious.I am destined to be a fat bastard forever😆
  5. I remember working in Copenhagen in 96 & the hotel room had a bath big enough to stretch out in.It was just before Xmas & fucking cold & after a 12 hour day to luxuriate up to my neck with a couple of bottles of Julebryg which was a very strong Xmas beer was wonderful. Would've been even better with an LBFM but I doubt if I would've got up for work the next day.I would've got up ok but not for work😆.
  6. Filet steak with garlic mash,mushrooms & green veg.Steak was exactly how it should be,dark on the outside,pink & tasty on the inside🤪
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-news-live-coronavirus-latest-updates-indian-variant-surge-lockdown-delayed-12302400 Well I never,there's a surge of the Indian lurgy in the UK.....maybe if they'd stopped the flights sooner there wouldn't be?
  8. Beef chili washed down with some Tiger beer,lovely
  9. What responsibilities?....Drink,fall over,turn some more water into wine,drink,fall over......
  10. f**k,if only I could turn water into wine....
  11. Not a bell ring but there was a bar in Patpong where there were usually 30+ girls all wearing their swimsuits on their wrists where as soon as I sat down I'd get a crowd of them jump on me.Fresh in from the sandpit I just had to buy them all a drink and grope as many as I could. I have rung the bell a few times usually on my birthday or my last night but it was always in a bar where I was a regular & there's been quite a few of those going back over the last 40 years.
  12. My 91yo mum will be over for a roast pork Sunday lunch later today. There is a FB group for the school I attended and the local area where I was brought up and I posted a pic of me as a kid in my dad's gravel tipper truck.It had the name of the company on the side and later someone posted a pic of a works outing for that company from the early 1960's. In the middle of the group are my mum and dad,I'm going to show it to mum later.
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