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  1. Mad as a box of frogs....even her son has disowned her.... https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-met-police-investigate-after-ex-nurse-compares-nhs-staff-to-nazis-at-anti-vax-and-anti-lockdown-rally-12364442
  2. Oh dear some of these anti-vaxxers are going to be in deep shit lol.... https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-linked-to-substantial-drop-in-intelligence-new-research-finds-12364433
  3. Guy I knew of shagged his caddy who told her mother who colluded with a policeman to screw the guy out of a lot of money.She wasn't quite old enough.
  4. You had to be careful of the upstairs bars in Patpong,me & a mate went in one & they wanted something like 1000b for our two beers.We argued & said we were going to the police & they eventually settled on much less.
  5. Kangaroo Club? They tried to get their laughing gear around your tackle before you could get to the bar & order a drink & if you wanted a bit of privacy they had a dentists chair out back & there'd be three of them doing shifts down below.
  6. This has got me thinking....I used to frequent BKK a lot in the 80's & early 90's but a lot of alcohol has flowed between my ears since then. Jools on Soi Nana,run by Kim Fletcher in partnership with Matthew Swire was great for a very late breakfast when I used to stay in the Dynasty.Only trouble was there were always guys who worked in BKK in there after work & buying shots....not for me when I'm having brekkie.The food was excellent & Kim as always was a great host. The George & Dragon run by Doc on the Soi 23 end of Cowboy,Miss Piggy was a great laugh.Kevin Keegan
  7. https://samchui.com/2021/07/21/ups-boeing-747-8-returns-to-hong-kong-after-engine-fire/#.YPlIaC1Q1QJ
  8. Effing hot here in the UK so did the right thing & opened a nice large cold bottle of Cobra. Just discovered that my fave Ruby house in our village is now bring your own booze....while it's a lot cheaper you can't beat a pint of draught Cobra with an Indian.
  9. BJ's on WS next to Soi BJ. Tahitian Queen. The old Rolling Stone Bar.
  10. Burger made & cooked by the missus,I'm calling it a Nidburger,superb after a shedload of London Pride whilst trying to play snooker.
  11. coxyhog


    Much better from England today & from Moeen although he was very expensive when bowling.
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