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  1. I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.
  2. Just google electric pickle.
  3. And all I did was wait until the vaccine of my choice was available... Fuking trolling hypocrite!
  4. Well it wouldn't be Saturday (or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday) if something didn't cause roonob the troll to come out from under his bridge. The troll who has stated he won't get a Chinese vaccine despite them being approved both in Thailand and by the WHO. Selecting a vaccine based on its merits is an option only available to some apparently. The hypocrisy beggars belief. I decided which vaccine technology I wanted last year, before any vaccines were available in Australia. And when that technology became available to me I was vaccinated within 2 ho
  5. I'll let you know. As soon as I can unstick myself from the refrigerator. I was planning to go around and enter all the businesses displaying signs like
  6. A modicum of sanity has transpired in that shambolic farce known as the Australian vaccine rollout program. Some states have said fuk off to the Commonwealth guidelines and are allowing people to choose which vaccine they receive. And thus about 24 hours ago I received my first dose of Pfizer. I'm a bit worried though. My balls are still the same size as they were before I got the jab. I might have gotten some of that dodgy stuff Boris sent over in the old for new deal that our lamebrained Prime Minister entered into. At the vaccination centre Pfizer was being preferred over AZ about
  7. The shingles vaxx is free for old farts in Oz.
  8. They could always play good twat, bad twat.
  9. I like the new acronym. Force Australia, UK, US. FAUKUS.
  10. A picture of thousands taking flight... PS. Scotty from marketing says you'll need a vaccine passport in order to take flight.
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