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  1. You seem to be overlooking the small problem the young lady is only visiting for a limited time and still has to go back home. And yes, I would also recommend her to cut them off, but it still is her choice, maybe at a later stage together with the guy she is dating at the moment.
  2. Shame about the buddy, but Karma is a lovely bitch.
  3. I spent two nights in Bangkok on my second (organized) trip, my lungs didn't appreciate the polluted air.
  4. Read the report, high speed and airborne I got, but with the front of the remains pointing straight at the tree, I just don't understand the direction of the cut.
  5. I don't recognize the brand of the car, but to get that kind of cut in a car, it would need to have hit the tree (or other obstacle) sideways at a very high speed.
  6. About the only thing you can do, is to support your niece if/when she decides to go against family pressure. If her mother wants that kind of money, she can earn it herself the same way. The same goes for the stepdad.
  7. Only two for me, #1 Don Muang # Swampy Both Arrivals I consider Bangkok a good place to stay away from.
  8. When residing in some other countries your UK pension gets indexed every year, he missed out on that.
  9. #1 Starlight Beer Bar in Soi Diamond, long gone unfortunately, right across from #2 Diamond Beach Hotel. #3 Secrets (hotel)
  10. Beer is just extremely immature whisky (or whiskey in the case of Guinness 😉 ).
  11. Only if you don't need it, otherwise you would have to buy one again as well (for an inflated price).
  12. This should teach you to regularly copy those photos to other devices, preferably in duplicate.
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