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  1. James Bond has already been played by an Australian and an Irish actor, so he doesn't necessarily have to be British, just not American.
  2. I have flown three legs on an A380 (AMS-DXB-BKK & DXB-AMS, BKK-DXB was a B777) and I had no problems whatsoever, more problems keeping my sons in check.
  3. Happens. You should give her a shag in the morning 😉
  4. Reality to @boydeste& BoJo: "Where are you? I seem to have lost contact with you".
  5. Looks to me like the solution is in creating a shortage of certain "news" papers.
  6. Pilots retiring I can understand, but getting other jobs??????????
  7. As far as I know, Taiwanese law is still also based on unification - after the defeat of those bloody communists. Taipei is also still only a temporal capital until the government can move to Beijing again.
  8. Add two Covid extensions at the end and you are over a year.
  9. I strongly suggest you don't pursue that any further, there are enough English surnames that are far more unfortunate for those of us who speak other languages like Dutch, German and/or French. And I am pretty sure the same applies for most other languages.
  10. Either Broccoli or Saltzman vetoed the idea of an American actor playing James Bond. That veto hasn't been rescinded yet by either Barbara Broccoli of Michael G. Wilson.
  11. FTFY (George Lazenby was born and still is an Australian) 😉
  12. While I agree with you about him being a wanker, every man also has a cervix. It is located between his head and his shoulders.
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