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  1. I wasn't worried either, I just looked it up before posting (the first one) as English isn't my mother tongue. EDIT: About languages, what happened to the flags?
  2. That one might even do it in American court.
  3. Nice one, I have different sources, let's agree to disagree.
  4. Eyes aren't checked any more at the regular medical controls?
  5. True, they used to use duct tape, taping a duck isn't much use.
  6. True, but often ground speed is also shown to passengers, nice with a strong tail wind.
  7. What isn't in that story, is that at the same distance of the runway, but in the opposite direction, there is a large chemical plant, which would have been hit (with most likely severe consequences) if the plane had taken off in that direction.
  8. A lot will depend on the relevant laws on marriage and divorce (it might be beneficial to get that divorce in your home country if possible) and pre-nuptial agreements/contracts if any.
  9. Check out the Middle East layovers/connections, usually cheaper than connection in Europe and it breaks the travel into more equal parts.
  10. CFIT - Controlled Flight Into Terrain (suicide)
  11. 10 Years last Sunday (yes, we got married on Valentine's day, there was one spot left on that day when we checked after finally getting a declaration of no objection from immigration about five weeks before Valentine's day). It makes for an easy date to remember.
  12. With automated checking and transferring if used, it would have taken anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours to write a script, but done is done.
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