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  1. That's got to be the most ridiculous, pointless rear wing ever.
  2. Italian man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm. An Italian man who wanted a Covid vaccination certificate without getting the jab turned up for his vaccine with a fake arm, officials say. The man, in his 50s, arrived for his shot with a silicone mould covering his real arm, hoping it would go unnoticed. But a nurse was not fooled and the man has now been reported to the police. Italian man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm - BBC News
  3. BJ goes on drugs raid with police. Meanwhile, an investigation from the Sunday Times found evidence of cocaine in 11 of the 12 locations tested, with anonymous Westminster sources alleging that drug use was prevalent among parliamentary workers. House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said he would investigate the drug culture within Westminster after traces of cocaine were found in areas only accessible to those with parliamentary passes, as reported by The Times. This wouldn't happen in Peppa Pig World
  4. A nurse in Columbia, South Carolina, is facing up to 35 years after she was indicted on allegations that she filled out fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine cards for those who had not yet received the jab Nurse faces 35 years in prison for 'filling out fake vaccine cards' (msn.com)
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    And there I was thinking this is the friendly forum, obviously not.............
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    Thanks for your help.
  7. Hawkstone lager. Looks flatter than a witches tit.
  8. 57mm mortar shell straight in, some accident but great aim.
  9. Watching snooker, nail biting match, Ronnie O'Sullivan v Kyren Wilson 5 - 5, first to 6.
  10. Face coverings become mandatory again on public transport from Tuesday amid rising concerns about the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Some 152 people in London were ordered to pay a £200 fine on Tuesday, according to Transport for London (TfL). Another 125 were asked to leave TfL services, and 127 were prevented from boarding a service or entering a TfL station. Meanwhile TfL said its staff reminded more than 5,100 people to cover their faces on its bus, Tube and rail network.
  11. How much did you have to pay for damage to the jetski?
  12. That's odd, the form is dated July 2020 but I flew back with Qatar in September 2020 with no test required.
  13. Kawasaki have naked and faired 1000 cc, a mate has an old 1200 faired bike ZX12R and there was a 1400 tourer. The 900 and 650 retro style bikes are popular now.
  14. I had a small snowfall, 2 inches (50mm) but it had frozen hard on the car. At 7.30 this morning I was scraping ready for an early dentist appointment. Going again on Thursday.
  15. Last time I changed the car battery, I connected a charger to the connectors and carefully insulated them during the changeover. Once the leads were on the new battery disconnected the charger.
  16. I found rate at 01/01/2011 of 44.69. Here is a graph from 2012 to date. Lowest point Aug 30 2019 at 37.20, highest June 30 2014 at 55.43.
  17. @CampariO Maybe you are the winner 🙂
  18. As I said earlier, my first trip GBP = 46. I've seen it up at 54.5 but when I arrived in March 2020 it was around 39. I stayed for 6 months so I guess it was acceptable. Mind you, for much of that time the bars were closed and cases of beer from Big C kept the cost down. Lady drinks in my room were 50 bt for a large beer. I'm planning 2 months from mid January, 44 or 45 is fine.
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