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  1. I hate selfies, so that would be a no. Edited to add: He has a sister.
  2. JL was referring to posts in the topic he just moved to General Topics. That's the topic you previously couldn't see because it was in VIP.
  3. Class act on Caeleb Dressel's part, giving his gold medal to Brooks Curry after winning the 4x100m freestyle relay, and before the medal ceremony. He did it because Curry swam for him in the prelim, allowing Dressel to rest and swim the final 15 hours later. Why Caeleb Dressel tossed his first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics to a teammate in the stands
  4. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Care to try for the extra credit picture? Edited to add: Wasn't thinking when I posted the extra credit pic that it was in the background of the Walking Street sign. Seem to be having more and more senior moments lately.
  5. While in the area, and for extra credit, what building is this?
  6. You're very warm. Care to take a crack at what famous landmark?
  7. Sorry, no. I'll add a hint: It's a famous landmark.
  8. The reason hospitals can not procure their own vaccines is all purchases need to go through a govt agency, and the govt until recently wouldn't let them. Suppose no profit to the agency people if they let others in on the gravy train.
  9. The madness continues. Interprovincial travel if not out right banned, is highly discouraged. At the same time if you want to protect yourself from the virus with a jab, you have to travel home.
  10. I'd recommend looking at a higher price point (>12k - link). Once you're in that range the bike frames are of a size that would be more comfortable for guys like you and me. And here's one that looks like a traditional motorbike. Cost is 19,701 (link). I suspect though at that price a lot of the components are cheaply made.
  11. I was riding down Beach Rd this morning when around Soi 6 heard a beach patrol guy madly tweeting his whistle. Hopped up onto the footpath to have a look at what got the patrol guy all upset and saw the guy in the pic on a leisurely stroll along the low tide mark. The walker never gave the patrol guy a glance and continued on his walk. No surprise beach patrol guy was too lazy to walk down and tell him the beach was closed. Just absurd some of the restrictions they have in place.
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