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  1. Medina Spirit passes drug tests, cleared to run in Preakness Medina Spirit has passed three rounds of prerace drug testing and been cleared to run in the Preakness on Saturday. Maryland racing officials said Friday tests on the Kentucky Derby winner and fellow Bob Baffert-trained Concert Tour came back with nothing that would cause them to be scratched from the second leg of the Triple Crown. Baffert's camp agreed to rigorous testing and monitoring of his horses as a condition of entry to the Preakness. Medina Spirit tested positive for the steroid betamethasone in post-Derby te
  2. Saw that too on PT. From his website Jan, 2020. The past few years have been extremely challenging for me. Due to diabetes (inherited from my dear mother), I had to have three toes amputated from my left foot. In fact, I was lucky not to lose my left leg, according to the Diabetes Specialists at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok. Looking at the positive side, these Thai doctors saved my leg.https://www.davetheravebangkok.com/2020/01/14/soaring-like-an-eagle/
  3. Good news. At a minimum I would expect dine in at restaurants will once again be allowed.
  4. It looks like the electric company thinks their mess from tree trimming on Tuesday is someone else's mess to clean up. A cheap shelter for shops on the corner of Soi Love Inn and Arunotai is done. What I thought was going to be a new market near Nirun now looks like a new open air restaurant. Think they're also building a garden greenhouse, which isn't a bad idea for supplying fresh vegetables for the restaurant. The building on 3rd Rd near Klang is now sporting a decorative top. Construction progress at the Sea Side site, which is a bit of a misnomer since
  5. Bank, but more specifically Investment Portfolio/Finance News.
  6. I'm not really bothered by us being at the end of the line. I just want the Thai authorities to finally get their shit together and roll out a a vaccination program that gets their citizens vaccinated as quickly as possible. Once a significant majority of their population gets vaccinated, the risk to me and other foreigners of getting the China virus is considerably reduced.
  7. Longer than that. Using the link @Yesitisdakid posted the earliest capture by Wayback is Feb 27 and that has the account suspended page.
  8. A new day and another change in when we can get vaccinated. Is anyone surprised? Foreigners face longer wait for jab Foreigners in Thailand may have to wait until August before receiving vaccinations from the government, City Hall's top health official said yesterday. ...
  9. Another candidate for the Darwinian Award of the year.
  10. Installed a hot tub at my house in the US for that reason, and for hot tub parties. One of my better investments. Another home I installed a tub with water jets, but as it had no integral hot water heater the water quickly cooled from the air injected into the water jets. Think I used it only a couple of times. Not one of my better investments.
  11. Same here. A soapie was the last time I sat in a bathtub, and that was probably a half dozen years ago. Before that, other than a romantic romp in a jacuzzi, it's been decades since I used a bathtub for its intended purpose. Which begs the question, what is the purpose of bathtub when a shower works equally well and uses less water? Why bother installing a bathtub at all?
  12. Didn't know holding a gun could cause cancer or reproductive harm. Guess I could see the reproductive harm if you accidently shot off your johnson, but cancer?
  13. I was a little worried when my lady announced a week ago they were going to come today and cut down a beautiful, old tree in our neighborhood (a blackboard or devil tree). Apparently the lady that owns the house across the soi from it complained about the dropped leaves making a mess, plus my lady didn't like the aroma of the flowers when the tree was in bloom. Told them both I thought those weren't very good reasons to cut down the tree. I wasn't too concerned though as they had mentioned it was the electric company that was going to do the chopping, so figured they were going to just t
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