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  1. That idea had crossed my mind. Was thinking though of putting a plant on top, one that absorbed smells instead of CO2.
  2. Kind of cool how they combined the drone imagery into one large picture that you can zoom in/out and pan over the lava flow. Gives the viewer a much better idea of the area effected by the eruption. Link below is to that imagery. Move the cursor to the bottom of the page for a panel of pictures/drone flights taken on different days. https://arcg.is/0GGbCu
  3. Scratching my head trying to figure out what I'm going to use to cover the new hole in the bathroom wall.
  4. I'll be right over to drill a hole in the water pipe to relieve some of the overpressure.
  5. Trying to find a plumber/handyman on short notice to fix the mess I just made of trying to replace the bum gun spray holder. The screws in the previously drilled holes had rusted and broken off, so I needed to drill new holes less than a cm next to the old ones. First one went fine, but the second one I drilled into the water pipe. I had about one second of an "oh fck" moment when I realized I was still holding the 220v hammer drill that was getting doused. Dropped the fcker post haste and jumped out the bathroom to dry floor. Unfortunately all my tools got a good soaking in the process and they're now drying out.
  6. Impressive, the amount of planning and work that goes into a movie production.
  7. ^^^ That's a really well done video for advertising Thailand.
  8. Marked for towing or marked because the wheel is turned the wrong way for parking uphill?
  9. It does at that. Here's another shot that shows him up to the chin in the muddy water.
  10. Not seen it done IRL, but seen a few YT videos of the process.
  11. No idea what these two were fishing around for. The shutoff valve maybe?
  12. Had a good morning setting trail for this week's NOSH/hiking trail out near the Thai Polo Club. Some great views from the top of the hills.
  13. Quite the journey @Mr. Smooth. Thank you for the great TR.
  14. In a CNN article there was this quote "Xi said on Saturday he wanted to see peaceful reunification occur under a "one country two systems" policy, similar to that used in Hong Kong". Yeah, that's working just great for Hong Kong.
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