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  1. The heat,no problem for me,i have even run 2 full maraton and a half maraton in Thailand, the last years i allways traveling to Thailand in May, witch is the whorst month for many
  2. small planning off going to Thailand May 2021,only wife and my,children,so right now looking Airbnb don't want to go with us, hope everything is back to normalise now sitting and look for app in Airbnb,i love the planning
  3. not agree with you 100 %, i am defently very White and Danish, and i run 2 times Pattaya Maraton and one time Bangkok maraton, Bangkok was far over 30 dg when i was finishing, the good thing is the races was starting around 4.30 am, but i was first finish running about 8 am, so it was very warm, to say it honest, my wife (Thai) defently said that i am a crazy person and was very nervous so long i was running it first time, but she could see that i could handle the heats, she couldn't care less, the other 2 races
  4. i love sun and heat, run 2 maratons and one half in Thailand, a splash of suncream and enough water to drinks no problems
  5. ohhhh heard it billions of times, but off course i am Danish ranked second
  6. My wife come from a nearby town (Klang) it is a very nice play to be, and very quiet, there is a long road going to the ferry and boats to Koh Samet,lot of small restaurants opposite the beach, a very nice gem in Thailand and not more then about 100 miles away from Bangkok or Parttaya
  7. my wife have lived with me in Denmark now 19 years,she work, she can talk danish, we have 2 daughters togheter,before she work in Thailand,have her own fish restaurant,work 7 days week,12 to 15 hours every day, no holliday-so yes life is more easy for her in Denmark
  8. I have a Asus laptop,and a Imac,but i bought a Ipad pro 12.9 new generation, and i early use iMac and laptop anymore, very powerfull and handy, but ok very expensive, but i bought it by my phone company so i pay in rates, so dont feel the high price so much
  9. Can only say that it seems the list is spot on, i am in the second ranking country Denmark, and get a lot off attention and nice smiles from the local (dam i not is single)
  10. Walking newer under 15 miles a day, off course in the afternoon, when the heat is worst
  11. Ohh i am hooked on wine, and often drink some very very expensive wines too, when in Thailand i dont drink much wine, not many very good and way to expensive, but sometimes i bought a Usa Burgundy styled wine on Pinot Noir grape, i dont remember the name otherwise it is Poul M?????? about 500 bath for a litre in a special bottle,it is a okay wine
  12. Oh i dont mind to cross 3 road, doing that often, so matters not guess i will give it a try to stay in this apartment
  13. Hallo,i will be in Pattaya in May. I have seen this City Center Residence on Soi Bongkot (near 3`road),it is very new, the rooms look nice, have a offer 1 month incl water and electric about 15.000 bath, it seems pretty fair for me, i dont care about the distance to nightlife, i am a long distance runner so can easily walk (and dont drink either). Sombody stays there? pros and cons. Best regards niels
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