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  1. Renovating my house at the moment and buying gym equipment, making a home gym. Training 6 days out of 8 and keeping busy. Out every day visiting friends and family and driving around the place. Chinese supermarket in Glasgow today, place was mobbed.
  2. I know mate, my wife's got the scars to prove it.
  3. Sorry, I never knew, just glanced at the thread quickly. They say time's a healer but not always.
  4. Sorry to hear this news. Motorbikes are lethal in Thailand how many drive them. R.I.P.
  5. Can't get enough of this, chicken Szechuan, cooked by my Mrs of course. Spicy and sweet the way I love it. Onion and green peppers, Chinese mushroom, velveted chicken, cooked in her Szechuan sauce on the wok burner.
  6. Put your point across don't reply to people who just love winding you up.
  7. Because it can take up to TEN HOURS for ONE ADMISSION and the Non Corona, the serious admissions get priority in the hospital first. Ambulance drivers have to queue (That's how to spell) by the way, have to sit for up to TEN HOURS outside until the Hospital is disinfected each time. Read the subtitles. Around 25 ambulances queue at Pokrovskaya hospital in St. Petersburg to bring in COVID-19 patients. A member of the medical staff explains that only one patient can be admitted at a time, slowing down the admission process and leading to long queue where staff can wait for up to
  8. It is amazing what you guys are doing but very very sad that a Country, Government are willing to starve it's poorest people and pretend they don't exist.
  9. It shows the PARKING LANES these Ambulances are parked🤣🤣🤣
  10. They probably found a decent sized portion and arrested the cook. I could never find one in there.
  11. The only fallacy in this is the locals in these UK holiday spots won't welcome tourists they have been scared to death by the MSM. Rent a caravan in a field for a fortnight...feck that.
  12. Thus is going to be a slaughter on a scale never seen before.
  13. Ignore baiting posts, just put your own point across mate. Some are experts at posting pish.
  14. The stupidity is unreal. When the virus came around they should have targeted the age groups most at risk, closed entry completely to this Country and allow the rest to get on with near normality. Not destroying the economy in the process. Why this ISN'T about a virus but a re-shuffling of the tax and money system, freedoms etc.
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