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  1. Neighbour brought some asparagus. Cooked a simple but delicious Hollandaise.
  2. I am currently decorating a condo and looking for some fancy piece of wall decoration. So where to find something special?Those who visited Index, Baan Beyond, Thaiwatsadu and Boonthavorn without success, their next stop usually is Chic Republic on Sukhumvit:https://www.chicrepublicthai.com/Everything a bit expensive and oldfashioned style, though usually you should find something you like.Another shop is Decorum on Thepprasit.https://decorum-thailand.com/The style is rather modern and prices seem to be a tad higher. No bargaining possible, according to the boss during an interview. Whenever I
  3. Dinner with GF in Huay Yai: Krapow moo, Gaeng kiau waan gai and some fish from the can, a dish my GF loves so much: Arooiiiiii. Washed down with 3 large Leo (sshhhhh!)and a coffee. Total damage 460 Bt.
  4. Next heart attack will be coming when you learn about your future salary.....
  5. A beauty as well, must have missed a couple of places when I went up north. Well, there will be another time.
  6. Pasta with a meat sauce and 2 kinds of cheese on top. Ohh, the wine was from a box, but I thought the bottle would make it look more posh.
  7. It is not the food alone,.... but the ambience that makes a good dinner.
  8. My house is 6 years old and I didn't expect any problems either. Until I found that the electrician saved some wires (money) and combined the neutral wire of several circuits. Not a good idea.
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