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  1. Lunch at the Sandbar in Jomtien / Dongtan beach. Lovely Panaeng Gung and what I feel is the best Gai Pad Med Mamuang, very strong flavour. 510 Bt incl. 2 rice and 2 soft drinks.
  2. Visit at "Bei SΓ€mis", good to have a beer and more in proper glasses instead of coffee cups. Had the daily special: sausage salat as starter, roast pork as main, including ice cream or coffee, 250 Bt. The "Obstler" (fruit brandy) came extra and was served in a good measure.
  3. The max one month deposit applies only for owners renting out more than 5 properties. The reason for this, so I believe, is that such kind of owners or companies have the better means to get any money out of the renter if he fails to pay or leaves the premises trashed. Especially with these low rents nowadays, even a 2 month deposit is hardly covering the price of a TV.
  4. Always (5 times?) got the deposit back when I handed back the keys (or a couple of days later). For this, I paid all utility bills and showed the proof, cleaned the premises with a broom, pointed out any damage already when it happened and stayed as agreed in the contract (informed the owner usually 1-2 month before I was moving out). The reason that the deposit is hold longer can be only to wait for the next utility bill, if there is no way to take a reading from the meter. Some renters will sign a contract for one year so they pay less than for a monthly lease. Then the leave after 2 month and complain they won't get the deposit back. Of course, there are always some black sheep who will take advantage of the fact that some renters will have a flight to catch and be unavailable on the last day and these stories you will hear. Agree on the handling of the deposit beforehand and put it into the lease contract. Take pictures of the rooms when moving in can help. Put any damages together with the inventory list in the contract.
  5. Marcus Lamb, head of televangelist network that spreads COVID misinformation, dies of COVID-19
  6. Should be still good. Just don't get deterred when pouring the cream into a bowl: it is a bit lumpy like regular milk gone bad or like it has been whipped already. No idea if this should be or not. After using a mixer for 5 minutes it reaches the right consistancy.
  7. Already expired since a couple of days but still good. As it it sweetened already, might not be good for cooking, but if you like your ice cream or cake with a dollop of whipping cream, this is a good deal. 25 Baht only for 1 liter of Sure Whip at Siamburies.
  8. Those must be the best pics of fireworks I have ever seen. Thinking about printing them and putting them in frames. Much better than red cars 😜. The kite pics are great as well. Thank you!
  9. Yesterday is was chicken parmigiana at Oregano in Rompho market. Tonight chicken with Avocado salsa a la Mrs. Campario. And the winner is: my lady, of course.
  10. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I had a sense of it
  11. So, as you won't see your car while driving, buy a CRV and hang some framed Fortuner pictures in your living room. πŸ™ƒ
  12. Ever thought about a CRV? the 4-wheel is more than half a million less than this Fortuner. Have a testdrive. Never driven a Fortuner, but I cannot imagine it to be a better ride, unless you are off-road.
  13. Enjoyed this dish at Frankie's Inn on Jomtien 2nd road near Acqua Condo: Ravioli filled with spinach on pumpkin cream with bacon and mushrooms. Fantastic. As dessert Tiramisu.
  14. Doing the same except for the DL: it is always in the car and a pic of it on my phone in case I am driving Mrs. CO's car.
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