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  1. Hospital numbers and deaths matter overall, not number of cases. If you looked at flu statistics every year we would of been in lock down for decades.
  2. Remember those mate, they were around when I first hit the road. That Benelli reminds me of my mates old twin cylinder 125cc,pretty rare and was rapid for what it was. I'll have to post some pics of my old bikes, though most would have to be stock photos as I only have pics of my last couple of bikes that I can post.
  3. Bike market exactly the same. People keeping hold of bikes as factories can't supply enough new bikes. For example, new Suzuki GSX1000-S, available in the US but not enough for the UK until September.
  4. What I find bizarre is the supermarket chains moaning about unmasking, but in the ones by me, most of the checkout staff ain't wearing one. We are still having to wear one at work, company policy, but wearing is a rather vague term.
  5. Nice sensible insight mate. Covid don't look like it's going away anytime soon, so we have to get back to normal, the economy and people's health and livelihoods depends on it. All we can do is vaccinate and get on with it. Sadly there will be casualties, but the flu is no different. We can't wait for zero Covid, that looks unlikely in the near future. Only thing we can do is leave people to make their own decision on masks, numbers gathering etc.
  6. So Monday is the start of 'freedom' in England. Yeah right....... Masks still gonna be needed on transport, many shops are doing the same etc. Then add in the NHS app fiasco. Anyone else think it's a convenience that its suddenly going into hyper drive and telling everyone to isolate in the run up to opening up?. Transport, shops, factories etc. are being closed due to lack of staff. It's lock down by the back door to limit numbers on the streets. And now add in the South African variant that has conveniently appeared to up the panic level. Full lock down by September.
  7. And the bitcoin has more chance of deflating.
  8. Just finished the third part of this superb brand new Netflix trilogy. They have done a great job of recreating the old 80's slasher type movie. Highly recommended.
  9. This excellent thriller about an alternative take on the JFK assassination.
  10. About 6 to 7 thousand on the bike, mainly spring/summer. As Butch mentioned, driving on UK roads ain't as much fun as it used to be. Use the bike year round as it's my only transport, but winter drops down to under 50 miles a week for commuting. Going out most of the weekend as its going to be scorching.
  11. It all went wrong when they bought a Buell in the first place.
  12. That's sad to hear. Though his lifestyle was terrible in the past. Huge drinker, 30 pints a day man. Mate I used to work with, his brother was a pro dart player for a while. Ex BDO and PDC,my mate would travel to some tournament's with his brother. They would car share with other players. One would sometimes be Andy. Mate said he would do a 24 pack of lager on the way to the longer trips. Said Andy was a blinding fella, real sound geezer. Lost lots of weight. Not sure if he put it all back on again. RIP Andy.
  13. f**k me, they want to adjust the chain!!!.
  14. If we don't get night clubs, bars, music venues open now they won't get opened this year, and if we carry on like this then we might as well forget about them ever opening as, without continuing government support, they will all be bankrupt. We have to live with Covid, not live in fear of it.
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