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  1. And Little obese Donnie will claim it's Fake News! Alan
  2. fifelad55


    I saw the race live and was disgusted at how Verstappen walked past Hamilton's car and didn't appear to stop and see how he was. The last time they came together Hamilton could be heard on his radio whether Verstappen was OK Alan
  3. Yes and they would be free in England as well as I'm mow 66 Alan
  4. In the last few years, I have had a cataract operation and laser treatment to both eyes in Rayong. The laser treatment was done more or less on the spot. Had to wait half an hour after being given some eye drops. It took only 6 minutes to do both eyes. Now, my eyesight is better than it has been for more than 50 years - no ,longer need glasses for anything. Alan
  5. Living in Thailand, somehow I doubt that the NHS would pay for my prescriptions? Alan
  6. I would be interested to know that too as I've only just qualified for my state pension. What really makes me mad is that I pay more every MONTH for my meds than the annual increase would be !!! Rip off Britain!!!! Alan
  7. Back on topic - now re-reading "Born Free" by Joy Adamson Alan
  8. Yes that's after 1 year off the meds plus I have also been the cholesterol meds for 60 months. Last time it was 150. the lowest it's been for a long time Alan
  9. Last time at the hospital 113/71 with a heart rate of 68. Pretty damn good Alan
  10. After being on meds for 18 years or so, my doctor told me to stop taking them 1 year ago. At the hospital my BP was 113/71 with a pulse rate of 68. I've also been off the meds for cholesterol for 6 months and a few weeks ago, my cholesterol was 150 ( maximum recommended is 200 ) Alan
  11. Bangkok Pattaya have told me that I may be able to get a Moderna jab in October - we'll see. A friend in Ban Chang got the Chinese jab a couple of days ago, His 2nd jab will be Astra Zeneca. He did have to produce a Thai ID card to get the jab. I have one but I'm not keen on the Chinese vaccine due to health issues. Alan
  12. Last time I saw my neurologist, he said it would probably be October before I can get my first jab - Moderna . So let's see what happens. A friend got the Chinese one at Ban Chang Hospital a couple of days ago but a Thai ID card was required. I have one so could go there if urgent. Alan
  13. I arrived in Thailand in June 2005 staying for about 6 weeks to find somewhere to live. I then returned to Scotland for 4 wees or so to deal with the sale of my flat returning in August of that year. I got married 6 years ago and had started the process to get a settlement visa for my wife 4 years ago until a stroke put paid to that idea. The intention now is to go for a visa in 2024, which will have the advantage that by the time my wife can apply for indefinite leave to remain shr will be 65 and therefore exempt from all tests unless Boris changes the rules> I wouldn't put it past that c*
  14. At Death's Window - a Shaw and Valentine novel Alan
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