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  1. You can follow him on Instagram….. he’s still riding around London frequently on “windless” days
  2. I work a 9 day rotation…… 6 nights I get 8 hours sleep….. but the other 3 days I’m lucky if I get 4 or 5 hours sleep and have to wake up at 01:30 am… I never seem to recover from the three nights of short and bad quality sleep……
  3. Remember it would have been filmed during Covid restrictions, I imagine the studio was probably huge, but a stupendously talented Camera crew managed to make it look smaller , but not quite small enough!
  4. Wow….. some serious hardware
  5. Looks lovely especially the weather
  6. Very few minimum wage jobs being advertised in Bedfordshire, dead end, mind numbing jobs seem to start at £13 per hour now! Amazon locally is begging employees to sign permanent contracts and guaranteeing decent training courses if you stay 9 months
  7. Cooked food has always been a struggle…… omelettes are virtually always rubber, usually your safest eating the airlines local food….. but safest has always been salads, sandwiches and fruit bowls……. So especially on KLM short flights meatless might not be so bad
  8. Wonder what the landlord has planned for it……. Can’t see a for sale sign
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