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  1. Girls are still walking around and smiling/waving as you go by. Soi Honey has several massage shop open with many ladies available.
  2. Nice photos. I appreciate the updates. I'm sure the people doing all this new building have a positive outlook for the future. I think it will pay off in a few years. Thanks for all of your photos.
  3. Thanks for the Hanoi photos. Always interesting to see places other than Thailand. I visited there a few years ago and enjoyed my 10 day stay. It got me thinking about moving there. I found the Viet ladies , sexy and classy, while the Pattaya ladies are sexy and slutty. Not sure which is better...haha
  4. Nirun Condos (3) A1 building(3rd floor), -B1 building, 4th and 5th floor(Corner condo). Studio- 26 meters. Air cond., hot water, safety lock box, 5/6 foot bed, Flat Screen TV, microwave, Fridge, Original bathtub. Full Furniture. Asking 690,000 baht EACH with 50-50 split of transfers cost. Condo is in farang name and has been owned by farang for 10 years and can be transferred quickly. Rent: 4,500....Full furniture. Gov't electric. I can supply sheets, towels, dishes, silverware, etc...You pay yourself, Govt. electric and Nirun water/service. I can answer questions in English and Thai. First set of photos is of the A1 building , 3rd floor. Second set of photos is the B1 building, 5th floor-Corner condo with extra side window. Last photos is the B1 building, 4th floor.
  5. I think all the info and photos are on page 1 of this thread. The second condo is a corner , on the 5th floor, in the B1 building. Sale price: Asking 720,000 ....rent 4,500 baht.
  6. Nirun Condos (2) are available for rent or sale.
  7. Yes I would IF you have 700K in cash, under the seat.
  8. I am not sure what you are asking or referring to....I am posting that this condo is in a farang name for the past 8 years. Two reasons for me mentioning this. #1- As this condo is already in a farang name, it can be sold to either a farang or Thai and need not be concerned about if the building is currently over the 49% allowable ownership for farangs. #2- I belive you get lower transfer costs when the condo is owned for over 5 years. Both of the condos are available for immediate sale or rental. Here is a quote from the advert. "Condo is in farang name and has been owned by farang for 8 years and can be transferred quick
  9. I have another Nirun condo that I could sell. This is a Corner unit and has a extra side window. being it is on the 5th floor and buy a large open area you get a tremendous amount of wind/breezes. Many of the renters that have stayed there never use the air cond. Several because of low electric usage have not paid any electric bill for months. Asking 720K with a 50-50 split of transfer fees. Before all of the photo analyst experts tear apart the photos, these were taken a while ago. I never bother my renters so I haven't taken any new photos. There is a customer who has been there for several years but has agreed to move into another condo I have if I find a buyer.
  10. I could also rent it out . 5,000 monthly....Govt electric. Renter pays electric, water, and Nirun service fee(300-450). Available for short or long term rentals.
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