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  1. I am nicking that 😁
  2. Revising my revised budget for the new farang escape pod. πŸ“ˆ
  3. What I particularly like about the team at Pattaya Food Bank Program is how they target their aid. Check them out on Facebook. Or alternatively distract and disrupt a thread about helping those less fortunate and in need.
  4. These guys are doing some great work right now. They are only one of many groups trying to help those less fortunate in Pattaya. If you are so inclined, reach out to Pattaya Food Bank Program on Facebook and make a difference to those who really need it.
  5. Some classic views of Pattaya condos and the type of furniture you see in them in this thread 😬
  6. I hired one of these during my last quarantine in June and was so impressed that I will be buying one when the new farang escape pod is finished. Yeah I know it's an exercise bike as apposed to a treadmill πŸ‘just putting another option out there. Around 7,000 baht from BigC.
  7. When I had to stop playing rugby a drinking buddy asked a mate and me to crew on his racing yacht. TBH I was a bit sceptical at first (thought we would just be ballast πŸ™„which I guess we were to start with) it was a month or so till we clicked as a team but it has to be said, I never knew you could have so much fun going so slowly without any bodily contact. Used to sail out of Lymington a couple or 3 times a week, I was the kite man and occasionally on the bow, panicking 😁. Man a lot of people took it very seriously, the Tuesday evening series from RLYC in particular. The finish line
  8. Er maybe a rework of the product name before it's introduced to the west?
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