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  1. I am nicking that 😁
  2. Revising my revised budget for the new farang escape pod. πŸ“ˆ
  3. What I particularly like about the team at Pattaya Food Bank Program is how they target their aid. Check them out on Facebook. Or alternatively distract and disrupt a thread about helping those less fortunate and in need.
  4. These guys are doing some great work right now. They are only one of many groups trying to help those less fortunate in Pattaya. If you are so inclined, reach out to Pattaya Food Bank Program on Facebook and make a difference to those who really need it.
  5. Some classic views of Pattaya condos and the type of furniture you see in them in this thread 😬
  6. I hired one of these during my last quarantine in June and was so impressed that I will be buying one when the new farang escape pod is finished. Yeah I know it's an exercise bike as apposed to a treadmill πŸ‘just putting another option out there. Around 7,000 baht from BigC.
  7. When I had to stop playing rugby a drinking buddy asked a mate and me to crew on his racing yacht. TBH I was a bit sceptical at first (thought we would just be ballast πŸ™„which I guess we were to start with) it was a month or so till we clicked as a team but it has to be said, I never knew you could have so much fun going so slowly without any bodily contact. Used to sail out of Lymington a couple or 3 times a week, I was the kite man and occasionally on the bow, panicking 😁. Man a lot of people took it very seriously, the Tuesday evening series from RLYC in particular. The finish line was opposite the club which meant white knuckle racing up the river sometimes, dealing with moored boats, pleasure boaters and the IOW passenger ferry. Not for the faint hearted πŸ€ͺ ironically the most nail bitingly close finish we had was kedging over the line at Yarmouth. Good times πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
  8. Er maybe a rework of the product name before it's introduced to the west?
  9. And just to highlight the injustices even further........ One of the nephews is well connected in certain aspects due to his job. 3 weeks ago he organised it for 2 of his cousins and a wife to get their first AZ jab. Yesterday another 4 cousins traveled to Bangkok and got theirs. No payment. Of the 7 who had vaccinations the eldest is 34, the youngest is my girl, she's 20.
  10. Moonshine Joint in Cowboy was a favourite afternoon drinking place early 90s. One of the girls who worked there ended up a boss at Pretty Lady in Nana years later. When that place was rocking, for me it was the best gogo in town. One of the Thai managers opened his own bar - The Bancockney on the same soi as the Dynasty Grand. Had some crazy times with Gop and his mrs over the years. He used to take us on bar and club crawls, amazing host and great company.
  11. I flew up from swampy to Udon yesterday after my ASQ. Check-in was a whole different ball game this time compared to December. All paperwork double checked - COE, 4 PCR test results over the last 17 days, Insurance, letter from hotel, original boarding pass from LHR and Thailand Plus app installed on my phone. Then have to scan a QR code and enter travel, personal and onward address details. This was arse ache as the app kept on crashing. At Udon baggage reclaim again another check point where yet again all paperwork was asked for but in my case only the COE was scrutinized for vaccination details. Also passport checked and matched to the QR code details I filled in at swampy. TBH aside from the hassle factor I was quite impressed with the level of control the authorities were attempting. There were Covid tests being carried out on other passengers but I didn't hang around to watch any outcomes. Apparently on arrival at Ampoe Phen yesterday, all the passengers on the bus from Bangkok were tested and 8 positives were detected. Gossip from those in the know say the quarantine facility in Udon is full. Our village headman has been setting up a another facility at the new Udon uni campus near us (well about 5kms away) today.
  12. Packing my bags for a 9:00 checkout from quarantine tomorrow morning. Back home to the village in the afternoon πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»
  13. About 20 mins before yesterday evening's downpour in Bangkok
  14. It will be on True and if previous games are anything to go by, with English commentary. Really looking forward to the match and just to add that extra bit of pressure for me - the guy next door to me in my quarantine hotel is German πŸ‘€πŸ˜¬
  15. Waiting for payment on contract completion day. Hoping for a nice little bonus that will pay my quarantine hotel bill 😬
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