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  1. …reading about the Swab hub going to be set up at bkk arrival. Also the 1-3 days in ASQ until results become available & then read about what happens if results come in inconclusive or positive…. all these new hoops are not looking promising or fun 😞
  2. Well the states are in back in Full Swing - I say this because the mass Chinese tour buses are now all over town & clogging up the roadways by the Space Needle in Seattle
  3. https://aseannow.com/topic/1235090-thailand-to-end-quarantine-for-some-vaccinated-visitors-from-nov-pm/ Anybody know if the Philippines is one of the 10 countries on tge list you can travel from to Thailand in November without ASQ?
  4. Thanks! just chatted with her and got the scoop and policy that best fits my needs 😉
  5. I need to buy $100k of covid insurance. I don’t think i need travel insurance. Does anybody have any recommendations for covid specific insurance policies/companies? thanks
  6. …i am assuming that they’ll be lifting the quarantine on Nov 1st….am i being too optimistic???, lol.
  7. …so is there no limit to the # of days in ‘Total’ you can be in Thailand over a 6/12 month period ….could i just fly out to Cambodia/Vietnam/Lao every few months to reset my days in Thailand???
  8. B. Well, I can’t get a retirement or marriage visa. I’m currently not on a work visa….any other options available???
  9. A. I am allowed 30 days + a renewal stay of 30 extra days? Could I renew again for a second time for a total of 90 days? B. What is the maximum number of days i can be in Thailand over a 6 month period? …does that period reset if i were to fly outta tge country for a few days prior to returning?
  10. I can sleep a good 8 hours if I stay away from caffeine, alcohol & food a few hours before sleep. If i am taking my Ginko Biola & Macha powder & 5k VD3 daily ….it seems I can only get about 4-5 hours of sleep.
  11. …well Phil, looks like I won’t be seeing u in October
  12. Anybody know where I can go to have custom curtains made & installed here in Pattaya.
  13. …well based on uncertainty and no definitive action, plans are to delay my return by at least 1 month. See what happens through October and “maybe” return in November.
  14. …dam, wish I was able to be there now! …hopefully after Oct, but no later than Dec for 90 days, keeping my fingers crossed 😉
  15. …another delay in getting the tech backpack. Feels like I’m in Thailand already, lol.
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