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  1. I’ve deleted all,of my PM’s to other members and am cancelling. cheers lads. Ask Phil where to find me.
  2. Oh....back to covid. Canada has completely f***d everything up.....we had a company offer to build a facility to make vaccines,that would open in 2023. more lockdowns here now.....although the kids are in school,thank Christ. Trudeau has really sucked the dick on this and we are gonna be the last ones to get going again.Oh well.....I have 3800 bottles of wine in stock..so,I’m fine for a while. Fucking sucks.
  3. Thought of you today.Am going through the Jackson Browne essentials on ITunes.....man....I can’t get enough.
  4. I had him blocked,only time I saw his posts were when others quoted him...which was too much.
  5. That sucks.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ ohhhh,Mama just brought me some nice chicken wings she cooked.
  6. Nit drinking any wine at the moment.But I’m sure loving the pics.
  7. Download the app,and watch the story on each bottle?
  8. Thanks very much mate,your story certainly outs everything into perspective. As I piss into a paint strainer.Lolol.
  9. Thanks lads.So there are two stones,3-4mm stuck in the tube between the kidney and the bladder.Feeling alright now,back at work and they have given me meds to take,that dilute everything to see if they will come out with out having to go in through the dick and get them. I read all the comments and appreciate them .The vinegar thing I’m gonna try tonight after shopping,will see how we get on. The meds make me feel a little sick and the as the doctor was telling me about the side effects ,he said “you might see a reduction in fluid when you emasculate”,to which I relied “can’t have th
  10. f**k me.Just got out of hospital.Not bad now but Jesus Murphy. Got to up the cock with a laser and grab them but there is a 2 month wait list for a Uroligist. Anyone sympathize?
  11. In the hotub having a Jameson and f$#@& ginger. have to honest.These are fucking delicious.
  12. Skalliwag


    I tried that,didn’t work for me.I’m preferring the 1% THC . I can monitor my THC better with gummies and chocolates ,than I can with drops. the CBD drops are built for pain management.THC I can find anywhere really.🤷‍♂️
  13. Skalliwag


    Worked great.
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