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  1. HiSo is actually bulldozed now. Will it become a Korean grocery store that no one uses? maybe a chinese restaurant
  2. Ed Sweeney is one of the good ones. Along with Geoff Carters early videos, both good lads. I appreciate Ed's honest commentary, including his "this video is for men only" titles
  3. to be honest I can't wait to see 50% or more of bars and gogos shut down. Call be a c**t or call me what you want, but the over saturation of shit bars definitely resulted in a lack of returning visitors to Pattaya.
  4. complete and total travel ban. we're f***d lads. 1 AUD is 50 US cents.
  5. without becoming an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy nut, it's not hard to see how this plays out. in australia, no jab no play. they wont let your kid go to school without being forced to have stuff injected into your kid. then they also wont pay you (centrelink, welfare, family payments) if you dont forcefully get your child injected with god knows what... again, I've been vaccinated like everyone else I know has had done. But should the question be on WHY it's done this way worldwide and WHO benefits financially from this type of stuff the most rather than asking why you refuse to let
  6. the korean so-chu makers have been giving it away to help with the spread of the virus South Korean soju makers have responded to soaring ethanol demand for sanitisers by donating the alcohol that goes into the drink, a distilled spirit with 17 per cent to 20 per cent alcohol by volume traditionally based on rice, but now often wheat or potatoes. "Ethanol demand for disinfection has grown while supply is limited...we have decided to provide it," an official of Daesun Distilling, based in the southeastern city of Busan. To banish the virus, th
  7. within the next few days, Australia is going to implement a complete lockdown. Bars, Restaurants and cafes closed. universities, schools, most work places. closed. 14 days at this stage. I may be wrong, I may be right. someones wife is an RN and all is not as it seems.
  8. Richard Branson already has asked for his billions of pounds to help him https://news.sky.com/story/virgin-atlantic-boss-urges-boris-johnson-to-sanction-7-5bn-airline-bailout-11957708
  9. Trudeu is still allowing flights from China into Canada even still today. At great risk of offending the Chinese, he's putting all Canadians lives at risk. No one even wants to report about it. 4 planes from allover China arriving in the morning in Vancouver.
  10. NYC to close all schools, all bars, all restaurants. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/15/nyregion/new-york-coronavirus.html
  11. I think it's only in her fantasy that the german people get it and mostly die off to be replaced. Did you see her on the news when someone handed her a german flag?
  12. that fear is already here in Australia - My Health Record, it allows ANY medical professionals, doctors, nurses, dentists, chemists, to see your history and everything that you've ever had done. The even worse news is that it was OPT OUT.... if you didn't opt out by a certain date it's too late they force create your record and its there for good and everyone has access to your shit online. Soon to become one of the biggest fuckups this government has ever done.
  13. I can't even see tourists coming back for more of that. Prices going through the roof coupled with the 40% devaluation in the currency vs the strong baht. Cheaper to drink and f**k a Thai in Australia.
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