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  1. Giving personal views on a topic yes, but attacking those for having those views was really the point I was making.
  2. Whilst I find the topic a bit in the boys comic era of the fifties, its a forum serving wide and varied views. No reason for like minded people not to share an interest and discuss. Those who criticise take the piss etc.. should maybe restrict themselves to topics they are interested in.
  3. Days when the subject of an UFO being spotted being news worthy IMO, have long gone. Footage of the Mars rover I found interesting.
  4. Who is paying for these projects? Breeds confidence hopefully not misplaced but good to be ready for a recovery­čĄ×
  5. Same issue. I think hidden sugar in so many foods is a real issue. I have been given metformin, which manages sugar and enables weight loss. Should help.
  6. I think recovery will be hard given the number of business owners who have bailed out.
  7. Commentary was the reason to watch. Graham Norton a worthy successor. Think the reason UK gets nil, Europe knows its treated as a joke here.
  8. Email/WhatsApp/Line then news. FB not so frequently.
  9. Tims bar was well run and the doorman genuinely seemed to enjoy his job. Music and quality vids.
  10. Humidity for me is a killer. I don't much like the heat in the UK as also can be humid. We are all made differently I guess.
  11. The bottom line, nobody has an insight to the future. Only educated guesses from medical staff based on professional experience and possible gut reaction. The scary thing is, its plausible people are starting to have the knowledge to play and experiment with deadly viruses. North Korea springs to mind. (Cheaper than nuclear)
  12. Good luck in the UK. Sometimes just changing your environment makes life seem fresh.
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