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  1. Must have been quail's eggs, or you kept 80% of the omelette hidden.
  2. I hope you've got the heating on back in the UK. It was getting chilly when I bailed out the other week.
  3. First time for a while I've been out for a wander and noticed this had changed hands. Now Fever Expat Suppliers and its new (to me) big brother further along Soi Bongkot, Fever Expat Food and Beverages.
  4. The daily special burger and chips, then something more hi-so that a mate ordered later.
  5. Last night here and no coke left.
  6. As requested, the hotel sent over an ice bucket. Unfortunately it contained no ice until another request was made.
  7. A couple more from the lock-up featuring a particularly greasy soup, but with a lot of chicken in it, and what was quite a tasty burger.
  8. Already running I think. EK17/18 changed on 1st September and EK19/20 reported as re-starting on 1st October also with an A380. Third service (777) reportedly running on a few dates later this month but no sign of the lounge re-opening AFAIK?
  9. DirectTV is a blast from the past (for me anyway). We did some work for them when I worked for (Howard) Hughes Aircraft who had founded the company.
  10. I'll start a separate thread with a few pics of the trip to date shortly.
  11. Arrived in quarantine too late for breakfast but they were kind enough to have left one for me. At least the milk is handy for a cuppa.
  12. The owner gave an interview to one of the vloggers on youtube a few days ago. As well as the Mexican food you can see mentioned he's also going to be doing German food. Unusual mix. I think he's also take over the hotel business.
  13. Yes. PCR Test just done so assuming a pass I'll be flying Wednesday morning, arriving Thursday into BKK. A week in lockup and back to base on Wednesday 20th.
  14. Visitors here from Italy at the moment brought me over these two.
  15. Quarantine for me. I could have banked my flight for next year sometime and re-booked to the sandbox, but I've already got flights from last year on hold and didn't want to add more. I'll manage one week in quarantine. There were another 3 mates booked on the same flights to BKK as me. One now going to Phuket (from Spain) a week later, one going to Samui a couple of weeks after that and one postponed until later in November hoping for no restrictions. I just wanted to get it over and done with so hopefully I'll pass my PCR test tomorrow and be on my way.
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