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  1. Such a multi faceted argument, could argue pros and cons til the cows come home. Id be quite happy if Banksy came and did a bit of “mindless vandalism” on my walls.
  2. NOT a Brucey fan but this is a great song and a brilliant vocal performance - vids a bit shite tho :) Back in 1975
  3. You could be in the same room but routing through different data centers.
  4. It’s certainly a “local” issue so not one we can do much about. Make sure your browser cache is clear, I will do a hard clean here too. I doubt it will fix it but can try. Its almost certainly a DNS/CDN issue. I know not much consolation but these things fix themselves eventually, usually a few days.
  5. Hope so bud, keep me informed. It’s hard to know causes when we can’t replicate but the more info the better.
  6. Ok try keep me informed but there’s no issues currently, and no one else having the problem, so seems to be local to you. Are you with True by any chance? They’ve had all sorts of dns issues the last few days.
  7. You seem to be posting ok in other threads. Are you still having problems or ok now?
  8. Just read on the bbc the wealth of this PIF fund is greater than the owners of City and PSG combined. How that translates to the “clubs” wealth I have no idea but they will have serious money behind them. Still subject to FFP rules though - no point having 50bn if the rules only let you spend 1.
  9. Theres a good chance you were trying while the re-indexing was running as that can much things up a bit but its completed now so shouldnt be a problem again.
  10. Just been told that the post font was too light for some guys. This was NOT an upgrade thing, it was set to grey. I have changed it to black
  11. Badges I am turning off - just waiting on the support guys to confirm I wont fuck other things up. Yeah the hover thing is annoying In their wisdom they have moved this to the Members Profile so you have to actually click their name or avatar to see it. Thats one I cant do anything about unfortunately.
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