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  1. Do you think Robin Hood at the Avenue will open for dining on 1 September?
  2. I just started reviewing the thread in the past few weeks. It takes some time to get through it and filter all of the ad hominem attacks. I am only posting my observations. It's obvious why the thread is popular. That says something itself. I have no dog in the hunt. Carry on, it is entertaining.
  3. As I said, I don't have a solution. I too know how these forums work and my experiences with them are similar to your statement, that forums, and most social media these days, are populated by misfits. But for discussion sake, my post was just my observations, and specifically of this thread, of how the conversation had shifted to name calling and childish behavior. The fact that someone disagrees with another's position on any idea, event, or just thought doesn't mean they need to demean them. Call that what you will, but politeness isn't really evident on this thread. Perhap
  4. I tend to agree and I don't have any answers as to how to change them. I just don't believe that the vitriol, particularly on a forum like this one puts the other side in any particularly better light. It does seem to be shutting down a lot of discussion here but that might be as much about virus fatigue as anything.
  5. I don't agree with most of my antivaxxer friends' positions on C19 but I have yet to come across a single one of them wish harm or death on vaxxers for their choice of C19 vaccination. OTOH, I've lost track of how many times C19 vaccine proponents have written sociopathic shit and wished violent harm to antivaxxers, and that's just on this thread. Interesting.
  6. Two words for you Murphy bed. There's a good shop in Jomtien at Soi Wat Boon Kanjanaram, near the Atlantis Condo complex. Here's a link to a website they use, their supplier partner. https://www.wallbedfurnitureshop.asia/ Good luck
  7. Lol, Op, man you really need a girlfriend.
  8. Good suggestion. Here in Thailand these days those large warehouse type sporting goods stores go by 'Decathalon.' He has one in Korat.
  9. I had similar flashes and also worried about a detaching retina. Apparently, similar to floaters, it can be a normal part of aging. Always best to get these things checked though.
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